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Garrett D'Amore969bc942010-07-29 16:07:59 -07001Illumos Gate README - July 29, 2010.
3This is the Illumos gate. It contains the following subdirectories:
5 - usr/src -- this is a clone (with changes) of the Oracle ONNV gate.
6 We should avoid making too many disruptive changes here. It
7 will be periodically synced with ONNV.
9 - usr/illumos -- this is the set of bits that we deliver, which are not
10 yet integrated into the onnv tree. This may include various
11 testing bits, etc. These bits (for whatever reason), are things
12 that we think are inappropriate for inclusion in the upstream and
13 really are specific to illumos.
15Integration Rules:
17 All changes must have been reviewed, and (for the interim only!)
18 approved by the gatekeeper (below). A code review may be performed
19 by someone other than the gatekeeper, but the final integration should
20 still be approved by the gatekeeper. (Think CRT advocate for now.)
21 The gatekeeper will want to see your webrev and hg outgoing -v.
23 All changes must adhere to typical ON style and quality rules.
24 For example, pass full cstyle, applicable lint rules, etc.
26 All commits must include either a CDDL or BSD/MIT license, unless
27 approved otherwise by the gatekeeper. CDDL licensed changes must
28 be backed by a Sun Contributor Agreement, so that the changes can
29 be contributed to the upstream OpenSolaris consolidation.
31 Hg commits should have comments of the following form:
33 1234 This is a sample bug report synopsis
34 4567 If you have a second bug synopsis...
35 Reviewed by:
36 Approved by:
40 Please talk to the gatekeeper about personal branches. In general,
41 they will be allowed as long as we don't go *too* wild on them.
43Gatekeeper: (Interim)
44IRC channel: #illumos on
45Mailing list: