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* Copyright (c) 2001 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* All rights reserved.
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* Copyright(C) 1998 Netscape Communications Corporation. All Rights
* Reserved.
#ifndef _LBER_H
#define _LBER_H
#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifndef _SOLARIS_SDK
#define _SOLARIS_SDK
#include <stdlib.h> /* to pick up size_t typedef */
#ifdef sunos4
#define SAFEMEMCPY(d, s, n) bcopy(s, d, n)
#else /* sunos4 */
#define SAFEMEMCPY(d, s, n) memmove(d, s, n)
#endif /* sunos4 */
#endif /* _SOLARIS_SDK */
* Note that LBER_ERROR and LBER_DEFAULT are values that can never appear
* as valid BER tags, and so it is safe to use them to report errors. In
* fact, any tag for which the following is true is invalid:
* (( tag & 0x00000080 ) != 0 ) && (( tag & 0xFFFFFF00 ) != 0 )
#define LBER_ERROR 0xffffffffU
#define LBER_DEFAULT 0xffffffffU
#define LBER_END_OF_SEQORSET 0xfffffffeU
/* BER classes and mask */
#define LBER_CLASS_MASK 0xc0
/* BER encoding type and mask */
#define LBER_PRIMITIVE 0x00
#define LBER_BIG_TAG_MASK 0x1f
#define LBER_MORE_TAG_MASK 0x80
/* general BER types we know about */
#define LBER_BOOLEAN 0x01
#define LBER_INTEGER 0x02
#define LBER_BITSTRING 0x03
#define LBER_NULL 0x05
#define LBER_ENUMERATED 0x0a
#define LBER_SEQUENCE 0x30
#define LBER_SET 0x31
typedef unsigned int ber_len_t; /* for BER len */
typedef unsigned int ber_tag_t; /* for BER tags */
typedef int ber_int_t; /* for BER ints, enums, and Booleans */
typedef unsigned int ber_uint_t; /* unsigned equivalent of ber_int_t */
typedef int ber_slen_t; /* signed equivalent of ber_len_t */
typedef struct berval {
ber_len_t bv_len;
char *bv_val;
} BerValue;
typedef struct berelement BerElement;
#define NULLBER ((BerElement *)NULL)
typedef int (*BERTranslateProc)(char **bufp, ber_uint_t *buflenp,
int free_input);
#ifndef macintosh
#if defined(_WINDOWS) || defined(_WIN32) || defined(_CONSOLE)
#include <winsock.h> /* for SOCKET */
typedef int LBER_SOCKET;
#endif /* _WINDOWS */
#else /* macintosh */
typedef void *LBER_SOCKET;
#endif /* macintosh */
/* calling conventions used by library */
#ifndef LDAP_CALL
#if defined(_WINDOWS) || defined(_WIN32)
#define LDAP_C __cdecl
#ifndef _WIN32
#define __stdcall _far _pascal
#define LDAP_CALLBACK _loadds
#endif /* _WIN32 */
#define LDAP_PASCAL __stdcall
#else /* _WINDOWS */
#define LDAP_C
#define LDAP_CALL
#endif /* _WINDOWS */
#endif /* LDAP_CALL */
* function prototypes for lber library
#ifndef LDAP_API
#if defined(_WINDOWS) || defined(_WIN32)
#define LDAP_API(rt) rt
#else /* _WINDOWS */
#define LDAP_API(rt) rt
#endif /* _WINDOWS */
#endif /* LDAP_API */
* decode routines
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_get_tag(BerElement *ber);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_skip_tag(BerElement *ber,
ber_len_t *len);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_peek_tag(BerElement *ber,
ber_len_t *len);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_get_int(BerElement *ber, ber_int_t *num);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_get_stringb(BerElement *ber, char *buf,
ber_len_t *len);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_get_stringa(BerElement *ber,
char **buf);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_get_stringal(BerElement *ber,
struct berval **bv);
ber_tag_t ber_get_bitstringa(BerElement *ber,
char **buf, ber_len_t *len);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_get_null(BerElement *ber);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_get_boolean(BerElement *ber,
int *boolval);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_first_element(BerElement *ber,
ber_len_t *len, char **last);
ber_tag_t LDAP_CALL ber_next_element(BerElement *ber,
ber_len_t *len, char *last);
ber_tag_t LDAP_C ber_scanf(BerElement *ber, const char *fmt,
LDAP_API(void) LDAP_CALL ber_bvfree(struct berval *bv);
LDAP_API(void) LDAP_CALL ber_bvecfree(struct berval **bv);
struct berval *LDAP_CALL ber_bvdup(const struct berval *bv);
LDAP_API(void) LDAP_CALL ber_set_string_translators(BerElement *ber,
BERTranslateProc encode_proc, BERTranslateProc decode_proc);
LDAP_API(BerElement *) LDAP_CALL ber_init(const struct berval *bv);
* encoding routines
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_enum(BerElement *ber, ber_int_t num,
ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_int(BerElement *ber, ber_int_t num,
ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_ostring(BerElement *ber, char *str,
ber_len_t len, ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_string(BerElement *ber, char *str,
ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_bitstring(BerElement *ber, char *str,
ber_len_t bitlen, ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_null(BerElement *ber, ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_boolean(BerElement *ber, int boolval,
ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_start_seq(BerElement *ber, ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_start_set(BerElement *ber, ber_tag_t tag);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_seq(BerElement *ber);
int LDAP_CALL ber_put_set(BerElement *ber);
int LDAP_C ber_printf(BerElement *ber, const char *fmt, ...);
int LDAP_CALL ber_flatten(BerElement *ber,
struct berval **bvPtr);
* miscellaneous routines
LDAP_API(void) LDAP_CALL ber_free(BerElement *ber, int freebuf);
LDAP_API(BerElement*) LDAP_CALL ber_alloc(void);
LDAP_API(BerElement*) LDAP_CALL der_alloc(void);
LDAP_API(BerElement*) LDAP_CALL ber_alloc_t(int options);
LDAP_API(BerElement*) LDAP_CALL ber_dup(BerElement *ber);
ber_int_t LDAP_CALL ber_read(BerElement *ber, char *buf,
ber_len_t len);
ber_int_t LDAP_CALL ber_write(BerElement *ber, char *buf,
ber_len_t len, int nosos);
LDAP_API(void) LDAP_CALL ber_reset(BerElement *ber, int was_writing);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _LBER_H */