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* Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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* Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
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#ifndef _SYS_DLS_IMPL_H
#define _SYS_DLS_IMPL_H
#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#include <sys/stream.h>
#include <sys/dls.h>
#include <sys/mac.h>
#include <sys/modhash.h>
#include <sys/kstat.h>
#include <net/if.h>
#include <sys/dlpi.h>
#include <sys/dls_soft_ring.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef struct dls_multicst_addr_s dls_multicst_addr_t;
struct dls_multicst_addr_s {
dls_multicst_addr_t *dma_nextp;
uint8_t dma_addr[MAXMACADDRLEN];
typedef struct dls_link_s dls_link_t;
struct dls_link_s {
char dl_name[MAXNAMELEN];
uint_t dl_ddi_instance;
mac_handle_t dl_mh;
const mac_info_t *dl_mip;
mac_rx_handle_t dl_mrh;
mac_txloop_handle_t dl_mth;
uint_t dl_ref;
uint_t dl_macref;
mod_hash_t *dl_impl_hash;
krwlock_t dl_impl_lock;
uint_t dl_impl_count;
mac_txloop_t dl_txloop;
kmutex_t dl_promisc_lock;
uint_t dl_npromisc;
uint_t dl_nactive;
uint32_t dl_unknowns;
kmutex_t dl_lock;
typedef struct dls_impl_s dls_impl_t;
typedef struct dls_head_s dls_head_t;
typedef struct dls_vlan_s {
char dv_name[IFNAMSIZ];
uint_t dv_ref;
dls_link_t *dv_dlp;
uint16_t dv_id;
kstat_t *dv_ksp;
minor_t dv_minor;
t_uscalar_t dv_ppa;
zoneid_t dv_zid;
dls_impl_t *dv_impl_list;
} dls_vlan_t;
struct dls_impl_s {
dls_impl_t *di_nextp;
dls_head_t *di_headp;
dls_vlan_t *di_dvp;
mac_handle_t di_mh;
mac_notify_handle_t di_mnh;
const mac_info_t *di_mip;
krwlock_t di_lock;
uint16_t di_sap;
uint_t di_promisc;
dls_multicst_addr_t *di_dmap;
dls_rx_t di_rx;
void *di_rx_arg;
mac_resource_add_t di_ring_add;
const mac_txinfo_t *di_txinfo;
boolean_t di_bound;
boolean_t di_removing;
boolean_t di_active;
uint8_t di_unicst_addr[MAXMACADDRLEN];
soft_ring_t **di_soft_ring_list;
uint_t di_soft_ring_size;
int di_soft_ring_fanout_type;
zoneid_t di_zid;
dls_impl_t *di_next_impl;
struct dls_head_s {
dls_impl_t *dh_list;
uint_t dh_ref;
mod_hash_key_t dh_key;
extern void dls_link_init(void);
extern int dls_link_fini(void);
extern int dls_link_hold(const char *, uint_t, dls_link_t **);
extern void dls_link_rele(dls_link_t *);
extern void dls_link_add(dls_link_t *, uint32_t, dls_impl_t *);
extern void dls_link_remove(dls_link_t *, dls_impl_t *);
extern int dls_link_header_info(dls_link_t *, mblk_t *,
mac_header_info_t *);
extern int dls_mac_hold(dls_link_t *);
extern void dls_mac_rele(dls_link_t *);
extern void dls_mac_stat_create(dls_vlan_t *);
extern void dls_mac_stat_destroy(dls_vlan_t *);
extern void dls_vlan_init(void);
extern int dls_vlan_fini(void);
extern int dls_vlan_create(const char *, const char *, uint_t,
extern int dls_vlan_destroy(const char *);
extern int dls_vlan_hold(const char *, dls_vlan_t **, boolean_t);
extern void dls_vlan_rele(dls_vlan_t *);
extern int dls_vlan_walk(int (*)(dls_vlan_t *, void *), void *);
extern dev_info_t *dls_vlan_finddevinfo(dev_t);
extern int dls_vlan_ppa_from_minor(minor_t, t_uscalar_t *);
extern int dls_vlan_rele_by_name(const char *);
extern minor_t dls_minor_hold(boolean_t);
extern void dls_minor_rele(minor_t);
extern int dls_vlan_setzoneid(char *, zoneid_t, boolean_t);
extern int dls_vlan_getzoneid(char *, zoneid_t *);
extern void dls_vlan_add_impl(dls_vlan_t *, dls_impl_t *);
extern void dls_vlan_remove_impl(dls_vlan_t *, dls_impl_t *);
extern void dls_init(void);
extern int dls_fini(void);
extern boolean_t dls_accept(dls_impl_t *, mac_header_info_t *,
dls_rx_t *, void **);
extern boolean_t dls_accept_loopback(dls_impl_t *, mac_header_info_t *,
dls_rx_t *, void **);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _SYS_DLS_IMPL_H */