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#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#include <sys/netstack.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* SPDSOCK stack instances
struct spd_stack {
netstack_t *spds_netstack; /* Common netstack */
caddr_t spds_g_nd;
struct spdsockparam_s *spds_params;
kmutex_t spds_param_lock;
/* Protects the NDD variables. */
* To save algorithm update messages that are processed only after
* IPsec is loaded.
struct spd_ext *spds_extv_algs[SPD_EXT_MAX + 1];
mblk_t *spds_mp_algs;
boolean_t spds_algs_pending;
struct ipsec_alginfo
int spds_algs_exec_mode[IPSEC_NALGTYPES];
kmutex_t spds_alg_lock;
typedef struct spd_stack spd_stack_t;
* spdsock (PF_POLICY) session state; one per open PF_POLICY socket.
* These are kept on a linked list by the spdsock module.
typedef struct spdsock_s
uint_t spdsock_state; /* TLI gorp */
minor_t spdsock_minor;
* In-progress SPD_DUMP state, valid if spdsock_dump_req is non-NULL.
* spdsock_dump_req is the request which got us started.
* spdsock_dump_head is a reference to a policy head.
* spdsock_dump_cur_* tell us where we are in the policy walk,
* validated by looking at spdsock_dump_gen vs
* dump_head->iph_gen after taking a read lock on the policy
* head.
mblk_t *spdsock_dump_req;
ipsec_policy_head_t *spdsock_dump_head;
uint64_t spdsock_dump_gen;
timeout_id_t spdsock_timeout;
mblk_t *spdsock_timeout_arg;
int spdsock_dump_cur_type;
int spdsock_dump_cur_af;
ipsec_policy_t *spdsock_dump_cur_rule;
uint32_t spdsock_dump_cur_chain;
uint32_t spdsock_dump_count;
spd_stack_t *spdsock_spds;
/* These are used for all-polhead dumps. */
int spdsock_dump_tun_gen;
boolean_t spdsock_dump_active;
boolean_t spdsock_dump_tunnel;
int spdsock_dump_remaining_polheads;
char spdsock_dump_name[LIFNAMSIZ];
} spdsock_t;
#define LOADCHECK_INTERVAL (drv_usectohz(30000))
* Socket option boilerplate code.
extern optdb_obj_t spdsock_opt_obj;
extern uint_t spdsock_max_optsize;
extern int spdsock_opt_get(queue_t *, int, int, uchar_t *);
extern int spdsock_opt_set(queue_t *, uint_t, int, int, uint_t, uchar_t *,
uint_t *, uchar_t *, void *, cred_t *,
mblk_t *);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _INET_SPDSOCK_H */