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* Copyright (C) 1993-2001, 2003 by Darren Reed.
* See the IPFILTER.LICENCE file for details on licencing.
* @(#)ipf.h 1.12 6/5/96
* $Id: ipf.h,v 2005/06/12 07:18:31 darrenr Exp $
* Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms.
#ifndef __IPF_H__
#define __IPF_H__
#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#if defined(__osf__)
# define radix_mask ipf_radix_mask
# define radix_node ipf_radix_node
# define radix_node_head ipf_radix_node_head
#include <sys/param.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/file.h>
* This is a workaround for <sys/uio.h> troubles on FreeBSD, HPUX, OpenBSD.
* Needed here because on some systems <sys/uio.h> gets included by things
* like <sys/socket.h>
#ifndef _KERNEL
# define ADD_KERNEL
# define _KERNEL
# define KERNEL
#ifdef __OpenBSD__
struct file;
#include <sys/uio.h>
# undef _KERNEL
# undef KERNEL
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <net/if.h>
#if __FreeBSD_version >= 300000
# include <net/if_var.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <netinet/in_systm.h>
#include <netinet/ip.h>
#include <netinet/ip_icmp.h>
#ifndef TCP_PAWS_IDLE /* IRIX */
# include <netinet/tcp.h>
#include <netinet/udp.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <netdb.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#if !defined(__SVR4) && !defined(__svr4__) && defined(sun)
# include <strings.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "netinet/ipf_stack.h"
#include "netinet/ip_compat.h"
#include "netinet/ip_fil.h"
#include "netinet/ip_nat.h"
#include "netinet/ip_frag.h"
#include "netinet/ip_state.h"
#include "netinet/ip_proxy.h"
#include "netinet/ip_auth.h"
#include "netinet/ip_lookup.h"
#include "netinet/ip_pool.h"
#include "netinet/ip_scan.h"
#include "netinet/ip_htable.h"
#include "netinet/ip_sync.h"
#include "opts.h"
#ifndef __P
# ifdef __STDC__
# define __P(x) x
# else
# define __P(x) ()
# endif
#ifndef __STDC__
# undef const
# define const
#ifndef U_32_T
# define U_32_T 1
# if defined(__NetBSD__) || defined(__OpenBSD__) || defined(__FreeBSD__) || \
typedef u_int32_t u_32_t;
# else
# if defined(__alpha__) || defined(__alpha) || defined(_LP64)
typedef unsigned int u_32_t;
# else
# if SOLARIS2 >= 6
typedef uint32_t u_32_t;
# else
typedef unsigned int u_32_t;
# endif
# endif
# endif /* __NetBSD__ || __OpenBSD__ || __FreeBSD__ || __sgi */
#endif /* U_32_T */
#define MAX_ICMPCODE 16
#define MAX_ICMPTYPE 19
struct ipopt_names {
int on_value;
int on_bit;
int on_siz;
char *on_name;
typedef struct alist_s {
struct alist_s *al_next;
int al_not;
sa_family_t al_family;
i6addr_t al_i6addr;
i6addr_t al_i6mask;
} alist_t;
#define al_addr al_i6addr.in4_addr
#define al_mask al_i6mask.in4_addr
#define al_1 al_addr
#define al_2 al_mask
typedef struct {
u_short fb_c;
u_char fb_t;
u_char fb_f;
u_32_t fb_k;
} fakebpf_t;
#if defined(__NetBSD__) || defined(__OpenBSD__) || \
(_BSDI_VERSION >= 199701) || (__FreeBSD_version >= 300000) || \
SOLARIS || defined(__sgi) || defined(__osf__) || defined(linux)
# include <stdarg.h>
typedef int (* ioctlfunc_t) __P((int, ioctlcmd_t, ...));
typedef int (* ioctlfunc_t) __P((dev_t, ioctlcmd_t, void *));
typedef void (* addfunc_t) __P((int, ioctlfunc_t, void *));
typedef int (* copyfunc_t) __P((void *, void *, size_t));
* SunOS4
#if defined(sun) && !defined(__SVR4) && !defined(__svr4__)
extern int ioctl __P((int, int, void *));
extern char thishost[];
extern char flagset[];
extern u_char flags[];
extern struct ipopt_names ionames[];
extern struct ipopt_names secclass[];
extern char *icmpcodes[MAX_ICMPCODE + 1];
extern char *icmptypes[MAX_ICMPTYPE + 1];
extern int use_inet6;
extern int lineNum;
extern struct ipopt_names v6ionames[];
extern int addicmp __P((char ***, struct frentry *, int));
extern int addipopt __P((char *, struct ipopt_names *, int, char *));
extern int addkeep __P((char ***, struct frentry *, int));
extern int bcopywrap __P((void *, void *, size_t));
extern void binprint __P((void *, size_t));
extern void initparse __P((void));
extern u_32_t buildopts __P((char *, char *, int));
extern int checkrev __P((char *));
extern int count6bits __P((u_32_t *));
extern int count4bits __P((u_32_t));
extern int extras __P((char ***, struct frentry *, int));
extern char *fac_toname __P((int));
extern int fac_findname __P((char *));
extern void fill6bits __P((int, u_int *));
extern int gethost __P((char *, i6addr_t *, int));
extern int getport __P((struct frentry *, char *, u_short *));
extern int getportproto __P((char *, int));
extern int getproto __P((char *));
extern char *getline __P((char *, size_t, FILE *, int *));
extern int genmask __P((char *, u_32_t *));
extern char *getnattype __P((struct nat *, int));
extern char *getsumd __P((u_32_t));
extern u_32_t getoptbyname __P((char *));
extern u_32_t getoptbyvalue __P((int));
extern u_32_t getv6optbyname __P((char *));
extern u_32_t getv6optbyvalue __P((int));
extern void hexdump __P((FILE *, void *, int, int));
extern int icmpcode __P((char *));
extern void initparse __P((void));
extern void ipf_dotuning __P((int, char *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern void ipf_addrule __P((int, ioctlfunc_t, void *));
extern int ipf_parsefile __P((int, addfunc_t, ioctlfunc_t *, char *));
extern int ipf_parsesome __P((int, addfunc_t, ioctlfunc_t *, FILE *));
extern int ipmon_parsefile __P((char *));
extern int ipmon_parsesome __P((FILE *));
extern void ipnat_addrule __P((int, ioctlfunc_t, void *));
extern int ipnat_parsefile __P((int, addfunc_t, ioctlfunc_t, char *));
extern int ipnat_parsesome __P((int, addfunc_t, ioctlfunc_t, FILE *));
extern int ippool_parsefile __P((int, char *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int ippool_parsesome __P((int, FILE *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int kmemcpywrap __P((void *, void *, size_t));
extern char *kvatoname __P((ipfunc_t, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int load_hash __P((struct iphtable_s *, struct iphtent_s *,
extern int load_hashnode __P((int, char *, struct iphtent_s *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int load_pool __P((struct ip_pool_s *list, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int load_poolnode __P((int, char *, ip_pool_node_t *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int loglevel __P((char **, u_int *, int));
extern alist_t *make_range __P((int, struct in_addr, struct in_addr));
extern ipfunc_t nametokva __P((char *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern void nat_setgroupmap __P((struct ipnat *));
extern int ntomask __P((int, int, u_32_t *));
extern u_32_t optname __P((char ***, u_short *, int));
extern struct frentry *parse __P((char *, int));
extern char *portname __P((int, int));
extern int portnum __P((char *, char *, u_short *, int));
extern int ports __P((char ***, char *, u_short *, int *, u_short *, int));
extern int pri_findname __P((char *));
extern char *pri_toname __P((int));
extern void print_toif __P((char *, struct frdest *));
extern void printaps __P((ap_session_t *, int));
extern void printbuf __P((char *, int, int));
extern void printfr __P((struct frentry *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern struct iphtable_s *printhash_live __P((struct iphtable_s *, int, char*, int));
extern void printhashdata __P((struct iphtable_s *, int));
extern void printtunable __P((ipftune_t *));
extern struct iphtable_s *printhash __P((struct iphtable_s *, copyfunc_t,
char *, int));
extern struct iphtent_s *printhashnode __P((struct iphtable_s *,
struct iphtent_s *,
copyfunc_t, int));
extern void printhostmask __P((int, u_32_t *, u_32_t *));
extern void printip __P((u_32_t *));
extern void printlog __P((struct frentry *));
extern void printlookup __P((i6addr_t *addr, i6addr_t *mask));
extern void printmask __P((int, u_32_t *));
extern void printpacket __P((struct ip *));
extern void printpacket6 __P((struct ip *));
extern struct ip_pool_s *printpool __P((struct ip_pool_s *, copyfunc_t,
char *, int));
extern struct ip_pool_s *printpool_live __P((struct ip_pool_s *, int, char*, int));
extern void printpooldata __P((struct ip_pool_s *, int));
extern struct ip_pool_node *printpoolnode __P((struct ip_pool_node *, int));
extern void printproto __P((struct protoent *, int, struct ipnat *));
extern void printportcmp __P((int, struct frpcmp *));
extern void optprint __P((u_short *, u_long, u_long));
#ifdef USE_INET6
extern void optprintv6 __P((u_short *, u_long, u_long));
extern int ratoi __P((char *, int *, int, int));
extern int ratoui __P((char *, u_int *, u_int, u_int));
extern int remove_hash __P((struct iphtable_s *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int remove_hashnode __P((int, char *, struct iphtent_s *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int remove_pool __P((ip_pool_t *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern int remove_poolnode __P((int, char *, ip_pool_node_t *, ioctlfunc_t));
extern u_char tcp_flags __P((char *, u_char *, int));
extern u_char tcpflags __P((char *));
extern void printc __P((struct frentry *));
extern void printC __P((int));
extern void emit __P((int, int, void *, struct frentry *));
extern u_char secbit __P((int));
extern u_char seclevel __P((char *));
extern void printfraginfo __P((char *, struct ipfr *));
extern void printifname __P((char *, char *, void *));
extern char *hostname __P((int, void *));
extern struct ipstate *printstate __P((struct ipstate *, int, u_long));
extern void printsbuf __P((char *));
extern void printnat __P((struct ipnat *, int));
extern void printactivenat __P((struct nat *, int, int));
extern void printhostmap __P((struct hostmap *, u_int));
extern void printpacket __P((struct ip *));
extern void set_variable __P((char *, char *));
extern char *get_variable __P((char *, char **, int));
extern void resetlexer __P((void));
extern int gethostname __P((char *, int ));
extern void sync __P((void));
#endif /* __IPF_H__ */