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#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifdef _KERNEL
#include <net/radix.h>
#include <inet/common.h>
#include <inet/ip.h>
struct rt_entry {
struct radix_node rt_nodes[2]; /* tree glue, and other values */
* struct rt_entry must begin with a struct radix_node (or two!)
* to a 'struct rt_entry *'
struct rt_sockaddr rt_dst;
* multiple routes to same dest/mask via varying gate/ifp are stored
* in the rt_irb bucket.
irb_t rt_irb;
* vehicle for passing args through rn_walktree
* The comment below (and for other netstack_t references) refers
* to the fact that we only do netstack_hold in particular cases,
* such as the references from open streams (ill_t and conn_t's
* pointers). Internally within IP we rely on IP's ability to cleanup e.g.
* ire_t's when an ill goes away.
struct rtfuncarg {
pfv_t rt_func;
char *rt_arg;
uint_t rt_match_flags;
uint_t rt_ire_type;
ill_t *rt_ill;
zoneid_t rt_zoneid;
ip_stack_t *rt_ipst; /* Does not have a netstack_hold */
int rtfunc(struct radix_node *, void *);
typedef struct rt_entry rt_t;
typedef struct rtfuncarg rtf_t;
struct ts_label_s;
extern ire_t *ire_ftable_lookup(ipaddr_t, ipaddr_t, ipaddr_t, int,
const ipif_t *, ire_t **, zoneid_t, uint32_t,
const struct ts_label_s *, int, ip_stack_t *);
extern ire_t *ire_lookup_multi(ipaddr_t, zoneid_t, ip_stack_t *);
extern ire_t *ipif_lookup_multi_ire(ipif_t *, ipaddr_t);
extern void ire_delete_host_redirects(ipaddr_t, ip_stack_t *);
extern ire_t *ire_ihandle_lookup_onlink(ire_t *);
extern ire_t *ire_forward(ipaddr_t, boolean_t *, ire_t *, ire_t *,
const struct ts_label_s *, ip_stack_t *);
extern void ire_ftable_walk(struct rt_entry *, uint_t, uint_t,
ill_t *, zoneid_t, pfv_t, char *, ip_stack_t *);
extern irb_t *ire_get_bucket(ire_t *);
extern uint_t ifindex_lookup(const struct sockaddr *, zoneid_t);
extern int ipfil_sendpkt(const struct sockaddr *, mblk_t *, uint_t, zoneid_t);
extern void irb_refhold_rn(struct radix_node *);
extern void irb_refrele_rn(struct radix_node *);
#endif /* _KERNEL */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _INET_IP_FTABLE_H */