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#ifndef _INET_IP_STACK_H
#define _INET_IP_STACK_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <sys/netstack.h>
#include <netinet/igmp_var.h>
#include <sys/modhash.h>
#ifdef _KERNEL
#include <sys/list.h>
* IP statistics.
#define IP_STAT(ipst, x) ((ipst)->ips_ip_statistics.x.value.ui64++)
#define IP_STAT_UPDATE(ipst, x, n) \
((ipst)->ips_ip_statistics.x.value.ui64 += (n))
typedef struct ip_stat {
kstat_named_t ipsec_fanout_proto;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_fannorm;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_fanmb;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_fanothers;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_fast_path;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_slow_path;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_input_err;
kstat_named_t ip_tcppullup;
kstat_named_t ip_tcpoptions;
kstat_named_t ip_multipkttcp;
kstat_named_t ip_tcp_fast_path;
kstat_named_t ip_tcp_slow_path;
kstat_named_t ip_tcp_input_error;
kstat_named_t ip_db_ref;
kstat_named_t ip_notaligned1;
kstat_named_t ip_notaligned2;
kstat_named_t ip_multimblk3;
kstat_named_t ip_multimblk4;
kstat_named_t ip_ipoptions;
kstat_named_t ip_classify_fail;
kstat_named_t ip_opt;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_rput_local;
kstat_named_t ipsec_proto_ahesp;
kstat_named_t ip_conn_flputbq;
kstat_named_t ip_conn_walk_drain;
kstat_named_t ip_out_sw_cksum;
kstat_named_t ip_in_sw_cksum;
kstat_named_t ip_trash_ire_reclaim_calls;
kstat_named_t ip_trash_ire_reclaim_success;
kstat_named_t ip_ire_arp_timer_expired;
kstat_named_t ip_ire_redirect_timer_expired;
kstat_named_t ip_ire_pmtu_timer_expired;
kstat_named_t ip_input_multi_squeue;
kstat_named_t ip_tcp_in_full_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip_tcp_in_part_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip_tcp_in_sw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip_tcp_out_sw_cksum_bytes;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_in_full_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_in_part_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_in_sw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip_udp_out_sw_cksum_bytes;
kstat_named_t ip_frag_mdt_pkt_out;
kstat_named_t ip_frag_mdt_discarded;
kstat_named_t ip_frag_mdt_allocfail;
kstat_named_t ip_frag_mdt_addpdescfail;
kstat_named_t ip_frag_mdt_allocd;
} ip_stat_t;
* IP6 statistics.
#define IP6_STAT(ipst, x) ((ipst)->ips_ip6_statistics.x.value.ui64++)
#define IP6_STAT_UPDATE(ipst, x, n) \
((ipst)->ips_ip6_statistics.x.value.ui64 += (n))
typedef struct ip6_stat {
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_fast_path;
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_slow_path;
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_fannorm;
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_fanmb;
kstat_named_t ip6_out_sw_cksum;
kstat_named_t ip6_in_sw_cksum;
kstat_named_t ip6_tcp_in_full_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip6_tcp_in_part_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip6_tcp_in_sw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip6_tcp_out_sw_cksum_bytes;
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_in_full_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_in_part_hw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_in_sw_cksum_err;
kstat_named_t ip6_udp_out_sw_cksum_bytes;
kstat_named_t ip6_frag_mdt_pkt_out;
kstat_named_t ip6_frag_mdt_discarded;
kstat_named_t ip6_frag_mdt_allocfail;
kstat_named_t ip6_frag_mdt_addpdescfail;
kstat_named_t ip6_frag_mdt_allocd;
} ip6_stat_t;
typedef struct ire_stats {
uint64_t ire_stats_alloced; /* # of ires alloced */
uint64_t ire_stats_freed; /* # of ires freed */
uint64_t ire_stats_inserted; /* # of ires inserted in the bucket */
uint64_t ire_stats_deleted; /* # of ires deleted from the bucket */
} ire_stats_t;
* IP stack instances
struct ip_stack {
netstack_t *ips_netstack; /* Common netstack */
struct ipparam_s *ips_param_arr; /* ndd variable table */
struct ipndp_s *ips_ndp_arr;
mib2_ipIfStatsEntry_t ips_ip_mib; /* SNMP fixed size info */
mib2_icmp_t ips_icmp_mib;
* IPv6 mibs when the interface (ill) is not known.
* When the ill is known the per-interface mib in the ill is used.
mib2_ipIfStatsEntry_t ips_ip6_mib;
mib2_ipv6IfIcmpEntry_t ips_icmp6_mib;
struct igmpstat ips_igmpstat;
kstat_t *ips_ip_mibkp; /* kstat exporting ip_mib data */
kstat_t *ips_icmp_mibkp; /* kstat exporting icmp_mib data */
kstat_t *ips_ip_kstat;
ip_stat_t ips_ip_statistics;
kstat_t *ips_ip6_kstat;
ip6_stat_t ips_ip6_statistics;
/* ip.c */
krwlock_t ips_ip_g_nd_lock;
kmutex_t ips_igmp_timer_lock;
kmutex_t ips_mld_timer_lock;
kmutex_t ips_ip_mi_lock;
kmutex_t ips_ip_addr_avail_lock;
krwlock_t ips_ill_g_lock;
krwlock_t ips_ipsec_capab_ills_lock;
/* protects the list of IPsec capable ills */
struct ipsec_capab_ill_s *ips_ipsec_capab_ills_ah;
struct ipsec_capab_ill_s *ips_ipsec_capab_ills_esp;
krwlock_t ips_ill_g_usesrc_lock;
/* Taskq dispatcher for capability operations */
kmutex_t ips_capab_taskq_lock;
kcondvar_t ips_capab_taskq_cv;
list_t ips_capab_taskq_list;
kthread_t *ips_capab_taskq_thread;
boolean_t ips_capab_taskq_quit;
/* ipclassifier.c - keep in ip_stack_t */
/* ipclassifier hash tables */
struct connf_s *ips_rts_clients;
struct connf_s *ips_ipcl_conn_fanout;
struct connf_s *ips_ipcl_bind_fanout;
struct connf_s *ips_ipcl_proto_fanout;
struct connf_s *ips_ipcl_proto_fanout_v6;
struct connf_s *ips_ipcl_udp_fanout;
struct connf_s *ips_ipcl_raw_fanout;
uint_t ips_ipcl_conn_fanout_size;
uint_t ips_ipcl_bind_fanout_size;
uint_t ips_ipcl_udp_fanout_size;
uint_t ips_ipcl_raw_fanout_size;
struct connf_s *ips_ipcl_globalhash_fanout;
int ips_conn_g_index;
/* ip.c */
/* Following protected by igmp_timer_lock */
int ips_igmp_time_to_next; /* Time since last timeout */
int ips_igmp_timer_scheduled_last;
int ips_igmp_deferred_next;
timeout_id_t ips_igmp_timeout_id;
boolean_t ips_igmp_timer_setter_active;
/* Following protected by mld_timer_lock */
int ips_mld_time_to_next; /* Time since last timeout */
int ips_mld_timer_scheduled_last;
int ips_mld_deferred_next;
timeout_id_t ips_mld_timeout_id;
boolean_t ips_mld_timer_setter_active;
/* Protected by igmp_slowtimeout_lock */
timeout_id_t ips_igmp_slowtimeout_id;
kmutex_t ips_igmp_slowtimeout_lock;
/* Protected by mld_slowtimeout_lock */
timeout_id_t ips_mld_slowtimeout_id;
kmutex_t ips_mld_slowtimeout_lock;
/* IPv4 forwarding table */
struct radix_node_head *ips_ip_ftable;
/* This is dynamically allocated in ip_ire_init */
struct irb *ips_ip_cache_table;
#define IPV6_ABITS 128
#define IP6_MASK_TABLE_SIZE (IPV6_ABITS + 1) /* 129 ptrs */
struct irb *ips_ip_forwarding_table_v6[IP6_MASK_TABLE_SIZE];
/* This is dynamically allocated in ip_ire_init */
struct irb *ips_ip_cache_table_v6;
uint32_t ips_ire_handle;
* ire_ft_init_lock is used while initializing ip_forwarding_table
* dynamically in ire_add.
kmutex_t ips_ire_ft_init_lock;
kmutex_t ips_ire_handle_lock; /* Protects ire_handle */
uint32_t ips_ip_cache_table_size;
uint32_t ips_ip6_cache_table_size;
uint32_t ips_ip6_ftable_hash_size;
ire_stats_t ips_ire_stats_v4; /* IPv4 ire statistics */
ire_stats_t ips_ire_stats_v6; /* IPv6 ire statistics */
/* pending binds */
mblk_t *ips_ip6_asp_pending_ops;
mblk_t *ips_ip6_asp_pending_ops_tail;
/* Synchronize updates with table usage */
mblk_t *ips_ip6_asp_pending_update; /* pending table updates */
boolean_t ips_ip6_asp_uip; /* table update in progress */
kmutex_t ips_ip6_asp_lock; /* protect all the above */
uint32_t ips_ip6_asp_refcnt; /* outstanding references */
struct ip6_asp *ips_ip6_asp_table;
/* The number of policy entries in the table */
uint_t ips_ip6_asp_table_count;
int ips_ip_g_forward;
int ips_ipv6_forward;
time_t ips_ip_g_frag_timeout;
clock_t ips_ip_g_frag_timo_ms;
struct conn_s *ips_ip_g_mrouter;
/* Time since last icmp_pkt_err */
clock_t ips_icmp_pkt_err_last;
/* Number of packets sent in burst */
uint_t ips_icmp_pkt_err_sent;
/* Protected by ip_mi_lock */
void *ips_ip_g_head; /* Instance Data List Head */
caddr_t ips_ip_g_nd; /* Named Dispatch List Head */
/* Multirouting stuff */
/* Interval (in ms) between consecutive 'bad MTU' warnings */
hrtime_t ips_ip_multirt_log_interval;
/* Time since last warning issued. */
hrtime_t ips_multirt_bad_mtu_last_time;
struct cgtp_filter_ops *ips_ip_cgtp_filter_ops; /* CGTP hooks */
boolean_t ips_ip_cgtp_filter; /* Enable/disable CGTP hooks */
kmutex_t ips_ip_trash_timer_lock;
timeout_id_t ips_ip_ire_expire_id; /* IRE expiration timer. */
struct ipsq_s *ips_ipsq_g_head;
uint_t ips_ill_index; /* Used to assign interface indicies */
/* When set search for unused index */
boolean_t ips_ill_index_wrap;
clock_t ips_ip_ire_arp_time_elapsed;
/* Time since IRE cache last flushed */
clock_t ips_ip_ire_rd_time_elapsed;
/* ... redirect IREs last flushed */
clock_t ips_ip_ire_pmtu_time_elapsed;
/* Time since path mtu increase */
uint_t ips_ip_redirect_cnt;
/* Num of redirect routes in ftable */
uint_t ips_ipv6_ire_default_count;
/* Number of IPv6 IRE_DEFAULT entries */
uint_t ips_ipv6_ire_default_index;
/* Walking IPv6 index used to mod in */
uint_t ips_loopback_packets;
/* NDP/NCE structures for IPv4 and IPv6 */
struct ndp_g_s *ips_ndp4;
struct ndp_g_s *ips_ndp6;
/* ip_mroute stuff */
kmutex_t ips_ip_g_mrouter_mutex;
struct mrtstat *ips_mrtstat; /* Stats for netstat */
int ips_saved_ip_g_forward;
/* numvifs is only a hint about the max interface being used. */
ushort_t ips_numvifs;
kmutex_t ips_numvifs_mutex;
struct vif *ips_vifs;
struct mfcb *ips_mfcs; /* kernel routing table */
struct tbf *ips_tbfs;
* One-back cache used to locate a tunnel's vif,
* given a datagram's src ip address.
ipaddr_t ips_last_encap_src;
struct vif *ips_last_encap_vif;
kmutex_t ips_last_encap_lock; /* Protects the above */
* reg_vif_num is protected by numvifs_mutex
/* Whether or not special PIM assert processing is enabled. */
ushort_t ips_reg_vif_num; /* Index to Register vif */
int ips_pim_assert;
union ill_g_head_u *ips_ill_g_heads; /* ILL List Head */
kstat_t *ips_loopback_ksp;
struct idl_s *ips_conn_drain_list; /* Array of conn drain lists */
uint_t ips_conn_drain_list_cnt; /* Count of conn_drain_list */
int ips_conn_drain_list_index; /* Next drain_list */
* ID used to assign next free one.
* Increases by one. Once it wraps we search for an unused ID.
uint_t ips_ip_src_id;
boolean_t ips_srcid_wrapped;
struct srcid_map *ips_srcid_head;
krwlock_t ips_srcid_lock;
uint64_t ips_ipif_g_seqid;
union phyint_list_u *ips_phyint_g_list; /* start of phyint list */
/* ip_neti.c */
hook_family_t ips_ipv4root;
hook_family_t ips_ipv6root;
* Hooks for firewalling
hook_event_t ips_ip4_physical_in_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip4_physical_out_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip4_forwarding_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip4_loopback_in_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip4_loopback_out_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip4_nic_events;
hook_event_t ips_ip6_physical_in_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip6_physical_out_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip6_forwarding_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip6_loopback_in_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip6_loopback_out_event;
hook_event_t ips_ip6_nic_events;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv4firewall_physical_in;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv4firewall_physical_out;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv4firewall_forwarding;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv4firewall_loopback_in;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv4firewall_loopback_out;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv4nicevents;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv6firewall_physical_in;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv6firewall_physical_out;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv6firewall_forwarding;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv6firewall_loopback_in;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv6firewall_loopback_out;
hook_event_token_t ips_ipv6nicevents;
net_handle_t ips_ipv4_net_data;
net_handle_t ips_ipv6_net_data;
boolean_t ips_ipobs_enabled;
list_t ips_ipobs_cb_list;
kmutex_t ips_ipobs_cb_lock;
uint_t ips_ipobs_cb_nwalkers;
kcondvar_t ips_ipobs_cb_cv;
struct __ldi_ident *ips_ldi_ident;
/* ipmp.c */
krwlock_t ips_ipmp_lock;
mod_hash_t *ips_ipmp_grp_hash;
/* igmp.c */
/* multicast restart timers thread logic */
kmutex_t ips_mrt_lock;
uint_t ips_mrt_flags;
kcondvar_t ips_mrt_cv;
kcondvar_t ips_mrt_done_cv;
kthread_t *ips_mrt_thread;
typedef struct ip_stack ip_stack_t;
/* Finding an ip_stack_t */
#define CONNQ_TO_IPST(_q) (Q_TO_CONN(_q)->conn_netstack->netstack_ip)
#define ILLQ_TO_IPST(_q) (((ill_t *)(_q)->q_ptr)->ill_ipst)
#define PHYINT_TO_IPST(phyi) ((phyi)->phyint_ipsq->ipsq_ipst)
#else /* _KERNEL */
typedef int ip_stack_t;
#endif /* _KERNEL */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _INET_IP_STACK_H */