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#include <unistd.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <libinetutil.h>
extern int getnetmaskbyaddr(const struct in_addr, struct in_addr *);
* Internet utility functions.
* Given a host-order address, calculate client's default net mask.
* Consult netmasks database to see if net is further subnetted.
* We'll only snag the first netmask that matches our criteria.
* We return the resultant netmask in host order.
get_netmask4(const struct in_addr *n_addrp, struct in_addr *s_addrp)
struct in_addr hp, tp;
* First check if VLSM is in use.
hp.s_addr = htonl(n_addrp->s_addr);
if (getnetmaskbyaddr(hp, &tp) == 0) {
s_addrp->s_addr = ntohl(tp.s_addr);
* Fall back on standard classed networks.
if (IN_CLASSA(n_addrp->s_addr))
s_addrp->s_addr = IN_CLASSA_NET;
else if (IN_CLASSB(n_addrp->s_addr))
s_addrp->s_addr = IN_CLASSB_NET;
else if (IN_CLASSC(n_addrp->s_addr))
s_addrp->s_addr = IN_CLASSC_NET;
s_addrp->s_addr = IN_CLASSE_NET;
* Checks if the IP addresses `ssp1' and `ssp2' are equal.
sockaddrcmp(const struct sockaddr_storage *ssp1,
const struct sockaddr_storage *ssp2)
struct in_addr addr1, addr2;
const struct in6_addr *addr6p1, *addr6p2;
if (ssp1->ss_family != ssp2->ss_family)
return (B_FALSE);
if (ssp1 == ssp2)
return (B_TRUE);
switch (ssp1->ss_family) {
case AF_INET:
addr1 = ((const struct sockaddr_in *)ssp1)->sin_addr;
addr2 = ((const struct sockaddr_in *)ssp2)->sin_addr;
return (addr1.s_addr == addr2.s_addr);
case AF_INET6:
addr6p1 = &((const struct sockaddr_in6 *)ssp1)->sin6_addr;
addr6p2 = &((const struct sockaddr_in6 *)ssp2)->sin6_addr;
return (IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL(addr6p1, addr6p2));
return (B_FALSE);