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* Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
* You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
* or
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions
* and limitations under the License.
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* Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms.
#ifndef _NDPD_TABLES_H
#define _NDPD_TABLES_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <ndpd.h>
enum adv_states { NO_ADV = 0, REG_ADV, INIT_ADV, SOLICIT_ADV, FINAL_ADV };
enum solicit_states { NO_SOLICIT = 0, INIT_SOLICIT, DONE_SOLICIT };
* A doubly linked list of all physical interfaces that each contain a
* doubly linked list of prefixes (i.e. logical interfaces) and default
* routers.
struct phyint {
struct phyint *pi_next;
struct phyint *pi_prev;
struct prefix *pi_prefix_list; /* Doubly linked prefixes */
struct router *pi_router_list; /* Doubly linked routers */
struct adv_prefix *pi_adv_prefix_list; /* Doubly linked adv.prefixes */
uint_t pi_index; /* Identifier > 0 */
char pi_name[LIFNAMSIZ]; /* Used to identify it */
int pi_sock; /* For sending and receiving */
struct in6_addr pi_ifaddr; /* Local address */
uint64_t pi_flags; /* IFF_* flags */
uint_t pi_mtu; /* From SIOCGLIFMTU */
struct in6_addr pi_token;
uint_t pi_token_length;
struct in6_addr pi_tmp_token; /* For RFC3041 addrs */
struct in6_addr pi_dst_token; /* For POINTOPOINT */
uint_t pi_state; /* PI_* below */
uint_t pi_kernel_state; /* PI_* below */
uint_t pi_num_k_routers; /* # routers in kernel */
uint_t pi_reach_time_since_random; /* In milliseconds */
/* Applies if pi_AdvSendAdvertisements */
uint_t pi_adv_time_left; /* In milliseconds */
uint_t pi_adv_time_since_sent; /* In milliseconds */
enum adv_states pi_adv_state;
uint_t pi_adv_count;
/* Applies if not pi_AdvSendAdvertisements */
uint_t pi_sol_time_left; /* In milliseconds */
enum solicit_states pi_sol_state;
uint_t pi_sol_count;
/* Interface specific configurable variables */
struct confvar pi_config[I_IFSIZE];
#define pi_DupAddrDetectTransmits pi_config[I_DupAddrDetectTransmits].cf_value
#define pi_AdvSendAdvertisements pi_config[I_AdvSendAdvertisements].cf_value
#define pi_MaxRtrAdvInterval pi_config[I_MaxRtrAdvInterval].cf_value
#define pi_MinRtrAdvInterval pi_config[I_MinRtrAdvInterval].cf_value
#define pi_AdvManagedFlag pi_config[I_AdvManagedFlag].cf_value
#define pi_AdvOtherConfigFlag pi_config[I_AdvOtherConfigFlag].cf_value
#define pi_AdvLinkMTU pi_config[I_AdvLinkMTU].cf_value
#define pi_AdvReachableTime pi_config[I_AdvReachableTime].cf_value
#define pi_AdvRetransTimer pi_config[I_AdvRetransTimer].cf_value
#define pi_AdvCurHopLimit pi_config[I_AdvCurHopLimit].cf_value
#define pi_AdvDefaultLifetime pi_config[I_AdvDefaultLifetime].cf_value
#define pi_StatelessAddrConf pi_config[I_StatelessAddrConf].cf_value
#define pi_TmpAddrsEnabled pi_config[I_TmpAddrsEnabled].cf_value
#define pi_TmpValidLifetime pi_config[I_TmpValidLifetime].cf_value
#define pi_TmpPreferredLifetime pi_config[I_TmpPreferredLifetime].cf_value
#define pi_TmpRegenAdvance pi_config[I_TmpRegenAdvance].cf_value
#define pi_TmpMaxDesyncFactor pi_config[I_TmpMaxDesyncFactor].cf_value
#define pi_StatefulAddrConf pi_config[I_StatefulAddrConf].cf_value
/* Recorded variables for RFC3041 addresses */
uint_t pi_TmpDesyncFactor; /* In milliseconds */
uint_t pi_TmpRegenCountdown; /* In milliseconds */
/* Recorded variables on node/host */
uint_t pi_LinkMTU;
uint_t pi_CurHopLimit;
uint_t pi_BaseReachableTime; /* In milliseconds */
uint_t pi_ReachableTime; /* In milliseconds */
* The above value should be a uniformly-distributed random
* value between ND_MIN_RANDOM_FACTOR and
* ND_MAX_RANDOM_FACTOR times BaseReachableTime
* milliseconds. A new random value should be
* calculated when BaseReachableTime changes (due to
* Router Advertisements) or at least every few hours
* even if no Router Advertisements are received.
* Tracked using pi_each_time_since_random.
uint_t pi_RetransTimer; /* In milliseconds */
uint_t pi_ra_flags; /* Detect when to start DHCP */
* pi_state/pr_kernel_state values
#define PI_PRESENT 0x01
#define PI_JOINED_ALLNODES 0x02 /* allnodes multicast joined */
#define PI_JOINED_ALLROUTERS 0x04 /* allrouters multicast joined */
* Prefix configuration variable indices
#define I_AdvValidLifetime 0 /* In seconds */
#define I_AdvOnLinkFlag 1
#define I_AdvPreferredLifetime 2 /* In seconds */
#define I_AdvAutonomousFlag 3
#define I_AdvValidExpiration 4 /* Seconds left */
#define I_AdvPreferredExpiration 5 /* Seconds left */
#define I_PREFIXSIZE 6 /* # of variables */
* A doubly-linked list of prefixes for onlink and addrconf.
* ("Prefixes" in this context are identical to logical interfaces.)
struct prefix {
struct prefix *pr_next; /* Next prefix for this physical */
struct prefix *pr_prev; /* Prev prefix for this physical */
struct phyint *pr_physical; /* Back pointer */
struct in6_addr pr_prefix; /* Used to indentify prefix */
uint_t pr_prefix_len; /* Num bits valid */
char pr_name[LIFNAMSIZ];
struct in6_addr pr_address;
uint64_t pr_flags; /* IFF_* flags */
uint_t pr_state; /* PR_ONLINK | PR_AUTO etc */
uint_t pr_kernel_state; /* PR_ONLINK | PR_AUTO etc */
boolean_t pr_in_use; /* To detect removed prefixes */
/* Recorded variables on node/host */
uint_t pr_ValidLifetime; /* In ms w/ 2 hour rule */
uint_t pr_PreferredLifetime; /* In millseconds */
uint_t pr_OnLinkLifetime; /* ms valid w/o 2 hour rule */
boolean_t pr_OnLinkFlag;
boolean_t pr_AutonomousFlag;
uint_t pr_CreateTime; /* tmpaddr creation time */
/* in SECONDS */
uint_t pr_attempts; /* attempts to configure */
* Flags used for pr_kernel_state and pr_state where the latter is
* user-level state.
#define PR_ONLINK 0x01 /* On-link */
#define PR_AUTO 0x02 /* Stateless addrconf */
#define PR_DEPRECATED 0x04 /* Address is deprecated */
#define PR_STATIC 0x08 /* Not created by ndpd */
* The sum of all possible state string lengths, plus terminating
* null character; if new states are added, this needs to be updated.
* Useful for passing an appropriately sized buffer to prefix_print_state().
* Current strings: "ONLINK ", "AUTO ", "DEPRECATED ", "STATIC ", "\n"
* 7 + 5 + 11 + 7 + 1
/* Prefix used for storing advertisement specific stuff */
struct adv_prefix {
struct adv_prefix *adv_pr_next; /* Next prefix */
struct adv_prefix *adv_pr_prev; /* Prev prefix */
struct phyint *adv_pr_physical; /* Back pointer */
struct in6_addr adv_pr_prefix; /* Used to indentify prefix */
uint_t adv_pr_prefix_len; /* Num bits valid */
/* Used when sending advertisements */
struct confvar adv_pr_config[I_PREFIXSIZE];
#define adv_pr_AdvValidLifetime adv_pr_config[I_AdvValidLifetime].cf_value
#define adv_pr_AdvOnLinkFlag adv_pr_config[I_AdvOnLinkFlag].cf_value
#define adv_pr_AdvPreferredLifetime \
#define adv_pr_AdvAutonomousFlag \
#define adv_pr_AdvValidExpiration \
#define adv_pr_AdvPreferredExpiration \
/* The two below are set if the timers decrement in real time */
#define adv_pr_AdvValidRealTime \
#define adv_pr_AdvPreferredRealTime \
* Doubly-linked list of default routers on a phyint.
struct router {
struct router *dr_next; /* Next router for this physical */
struct router *dr_prev; /* Prev router for this physical */
struct phyint *dr_physical; /* Back pointer */
struct in6_addr dr_address; /* Used to identify the router */
uint_t dr_lifetime; /* In milliseconds */
boolean_t dr_inkernel; /* Route added to kernel */
* Globals
extern struct phyint *phyints;
extern int num_of_phyints;
* Functions
extern uint_t getcurrenttime(void);
extern struct phyint *phyint_lookup(char *name);
extern struct phyint *phyint_lookup_on_index(uint_t ifindex);
extern struct phyint *phyint_create(char *name);
extern int phyint_init_from_k(struct phyint *pi);
extern void phyint_delete(struct phyint *pi);
extern uint_t phyint_timer(struct phyint *pi, uint_t elapsed);
extern void phyint_print_all(void);
extern int phyint_get_lla(struct phyint *pi, struct lifreq *lifrp);
extern void phyint_reach_random(struct phyint *pi,
boolean_t set_needed);
extern void phyint_cleanup(struct phyint *pi);
extern boolean_t tmptoken_create(struct phyint *pi);
extern void tmptoken_delete(struct phyint *pi);
extern uint_t tmptoken_timer(struct phyint *pi, uint_t elapsed);
extern boolean_t token_equal(struct in6_addr t1, struct in6_addr t2,
int bits);
extern struct prefix *prefix_create(struct phyint *pi, struct in6_addr addr,
int addrlen, uint64_t flags);
extern struct prefix *prefix_lookup_name(struct phyint *pi, char *name);
extern struct prefix *prefix_lookup_addr_match(struct prefix *pr);
extern struct prefix *prefix_create_name(struct phyint *pi, char *name);
extern int prefix_init_from_k(struct prefix *pr);
extern void prefix_delete(struct prefix *pr);
extern boolean_t prefix_equal(struct in6_addr p1, struct in6_addr p2,
int bits);
extern void prefix_update_dhcp(struct prefix *pr);
extern void prefix_update_k(struct prefix *pr);
extern uint_t prefix_timer(struct prefix *pr, uint_t elapsed);
extern uint_t adv_prefix_timer(struct adv_prefix *adv_pr,
uint_t elapsed);
extern struct prefix *prefix_lookup_addr(struct phyint *pi,
struct in6_addr prefix);
extern struct adv_prefix *adv_prefix_lookup(struct phyint *pi,
struct in6_addr addr, int addrlen);
extern struct adv_prefix *adv_prefix_create(struct phyint *pi,
struct in6_addr addr, int addrlen);
extern struct router *router_lookup(struct phyint *pi, struct in6_addr addr);
extern struct router *router_create(struct phyint *pi, struct in6_addr addr,
uint_t lifetime);
extern void router_update_k(struct router *dr);
extern uint_t router_timer(struct router *dr, uint_t elapsed);
extern void check_to_advertise(struct phyint *pi, enum adv_events event);
extern void check_to_solicit(struct phyint *pi,
enum solicit_events event);
extern uint_t advertise_event(struct phyint *pi, enum adv_events event,
uint_t elapsed);
extern uint_t solicit_event(struct phyint *pi, enum solicit_events event,
uint_t elapsed);
extern void print_route_sol(char *str, struct phyint *pi,
struct nd_router_solicit *rs, int len,
struct sockaddr_in6 *addr);
extern void print_route_adv(char *str, struct phyint *pi,
struct nd_router_advert *ra, int len,
struct sockaddr_in6 *addr);
extern void print_iflist(struct confvar *confvar);
extern void print_prefixlist(struct confvar *confvar);
extern void in_data(struct phyint *pi);
extern void start_dhcp(struct phyint *pi);
extern void incoming_ra(struct phyint *pi, struct nd_router_advert *ra,
int len, struct sockaddr_in6 *from, boolean_t loopback);
extern boolean_t incoming_prefix_addrconf_process(struct phyint *pi,
struct prefix *pr, uchar_t *opt,
struct sockaddr_in6 *from, boolean_t loopback,
boolean_t new_prefix);
extern void incoming_prefix_onlink_process(struct prefix *pr,
uchar_t *opt);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _NDPD_TABLES_H */