6252036 dladm show-link outputs nothing for regular users
6260551 aggr_grp_detach_port() can be called without AGGR_LACP_LOCK_HELD
6270678 The aggregation was unavailable after using dladm modify-aggr change mac address to zero
6283674 potential race condition between dls_rx_set and i_dls_link_ether_rx
6293292 dladm show-dev deceives when passed unknown device names
6309909 dld_open must call qassociate(9F) to inform the framework it is DDI-compliant
6311907 poll_tx, ill_tx and str_mdata_fastpath_put() comments are incorrect
6313057 dladm show-dev doesn't show legacy devices
6315019 sparc full kernel lint is missing many modules
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