PSARC 2006/421 MPO Control And Observability Tools
4698370 Want tool for applying advice to affect memory allocation via madvise(3C)
5048416 Want to be able to observe lgroup memory placement via pmap(1)
5048789 Want tool for observing and affecting thread placement on lgroups
6424359 Want Perl interface to liblgrp(3LIB) library
6424363 Want tool for observing lgroup information
6424366 Want walkers for lgroup resources and lineage
6424384 Want ps(1) to be lgroup-aware
6424387 Want prstat(1M) to be lgroup-aware
6455612 DTrace proc provider should have inline for thread home lgroup
6455724 Want thread home lgroup visibility via /proc
6457390 threads should rehome to lgroup with same (or more affinity) than existing home lgroup
6457640 Want to expose lgroup load average scale to user-land
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