6570963 vscan: snas: Can't Enable vscan service after,disabling it while scan was in progress for few files
6599614 Log message says "vscan: (eng #) no socket, errno 24" when copying 1000 2k-files with 4 scan engines
6656150 vscan threading model should be revised to address system resource usage
6660667 Engine name is used directly as property group name without any prefix
6663788 SUNWvscanr needs to be split into SUNWvscanr and SUNWvscankr
6663792 links are required in /dev for the vscan pseudo device - to support non-global zones
6663812 attempt to start a second instance of vscand, first instance crashes
6672296 per-engine error counts not shown after vscan stats reset using vscanadm stats -z
6673579 vscan log file should be parsable and use utf8
6678058 If stats door file already exists when vscand starts up an initialization failure message is shown
6678525 vscand exits on SIGPIPE
6679808 Interupted read/write (EINTR) to scan engine can cause invalid data to be exchanged
6681465 Core file generated while adding and performing virus scan operations over nfs mount
6681675 Connection remains in ESTABLISHED State for long time, after scan engine goes down.
6684670 vscand should maintain connections with scan engines instead of connecting per request
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