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#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <sys/disp.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/squeue.h>
#include <inet/ip.h>
#define SQ_NAMELEN 31
* SQUEUE_DEBUG: If defined as 1, special code is compiled in which records
* additional information aiding debugging is recorded in squeue.
* SQUEUE_PROFILE: If defined as 1, special code is compiled in which collects
* various squeue statistics and exports them as kstats.
* Ideally we would like both SQUEUE_DEBUG and SQUEUE_PROFILE to be always set,
* but it affects performance, so they are enabled on DEBUG kernels and disabled
* on non-DEBUG by default.
#ifdef DEBUG
#define SQUEUE_DEBUG 1
#define SQUEUE_DEBUG 0
typedef struct sqstat_s {
uint_t sq_max_qlen;
uint_t sq_npackets_worker;
uint_t sq_npackets_intr;
uint_t sq_npackets_other;
uint_t sq_nqueued_intr;
uint_t sq_nqueued_other;
uint_t sq_ndrains_worker;
uint_t sq_ndrains_intr;
uint_t sq_ndrains_other;
hrtime_t sq_time_worker;
hrtime_t sq_time_intr;
hrtime_t sq_time_other;
} sqstat_t;
typedef struct squeue_set_s {
squeue_t *sqs_head;
squeue_t *sqs_default;
processorid_t sqs_cpuid;
} squeue_set_t;
typedef void (*sqproc_t)(void *, mblk_t *, void *, struct ip_recv_attr_s *);
typedef void (*sq_enter_proc_t)(squeue_t *, mblk_t *, mblk_t *, uint32_t,
struct ip_recv_attr_s *, int, uint8_t);
typedef void (*sq_drain_proc_t)(squeue_t *, uint_t, hrtime_t);
extern void squeue_worker_wakeup(squeue_t *);
extern int ip_squeue_flag;
struct squeue_s {
sq_enter_proc_t sq_enter; /* sq_process function */
sq_drain_proc_t sq_drain; /* sq_drain function */
kmutex_t sq_lock; /* lock before using any member */
uint32_t sq_state; /* state flags and message count */
int sq_count; /* # of mblocks in squeue */
mblk_t *sq_first; /* first mblk chain or NULL */
mblk_t *sq_last; /* last mblk chain or NULL */
kthread_t *sq_run; /* Current thread processing sq */
ill_rx_ring_t *sq_rx_ring; /* The Rx ring tied to this sq */
ill_t *sq_ill; /* The ill this squeue is tied to */
clock_t sq_curr_time; /* Current tick (lbolt) */
kcondvar_t sq_worker_cv; /* cond var. worker thread blocks on */
kcondvar_t sq_poll_cv; /* cond variable poll_thr waits on */
kcondvar_t sq_synch_cv; /* cond var. synch thread waits on */
kcondvar_t sq_ctrlop_done_cv; /* cond variable for ctrl ops */
clock_t sq_wait; /* lbolts to wait after a fill() */
timeout_id_t sq_tid; /* timer id of pending timeout() */
clock_t sq_awaken; /* time async thread was awakened */
processorid_t sq_bind; /* processor to bind to */
kthread_t *sq_worker; /* kernel thread id */
kthread_t *sq_poll_thr; /* polling thread */
uintptr_t sq_private[SQPRIVATE_MAX];
squeue_t *sq_next; /* managed by squeue creator */
squeue_set_t *sq_set; /* managed by squeue creator */
pri_t sq_priority; /* squeue thread priority */
/* Keep the debug-only fields at the end of the structure */
#ifdef DEBUG
int sq_isintr; /* serviced by interrupt */
mblk_t *sq_curmp;
void (*sq_curproc)();
conn_t *sq_connp;
uchar_t sq_tag;
* State flags.
* Note: The MDB IP module depends on the values of these flags.
#define SQS_PROC 0x00000001 /* being processed */
#define SQS_WORKER 0x00000002 /* worker thread */
#define SQS_ENTER 0x00000004 /* enter thread */
#define SQS_FAST 0x00000008 /* enter-fast thread */
#define SQS_USER 0x00000010 /* A non interrupt user */
#define SQS_BOUND 0x00000020 /* Worker thread is bound */
#define SQS_REENTER 0x00000040 /* Re entered thread */
#define SQS_TMO_PROG 0x00000080 /* Timeout is being set */
#define SQS_POLL_CAPAB 0x00000100 /* Squeue can control interrupts */
#define SQS_ILL_BOUND 0x00000200 /* Squeue bound to an ill */
#define SQS_GET_PKTS 0x00000400 /* Moving pkts from NIC in progress */
#define SQS_DEFAULT 0x00000800 /* The default squeue for the CPU */
#define SQS_POLLING 0x00001000 /* Squeue in polling mode */
#define SQS_INTR_BLANK 0x00002000 /* Interrupt blanking capability */
#define SQS_PROC_HELD 0x00004000 /* SQS_PROC is held by the caller */
#define SQS_FORCE_TIMER 0x00008000 /* Schedule worker due to B/W control */
#define SQS_POLL_CLEANUP 0x00010000
#define SQS_POLL_CLEANUP_DONE 0x00020000
#define SQS_POLL_QUIESCE 0x00040000
#define SQS_POLL_QUIESCE_DONE 0x00080000
#define SQS_POLL_RESTART 0x00100000
#define SQS_POLL_THR_QUIESCED 0x00200000
#define SQS_POLL_THR_RESTART 0x00400000
#define SQS_POLL_PROC 0x00800000 /* Poll thread processing the sq */
#define SQS_POLL_RESTART_DONE 0x01000000
#define SQS_POLL_THR_QUIESCE 0x02000000
#define SQS_PAUSE 0x04000000 /* The squeue has been paused */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _SYS_SQUEUE_IMPL_H */