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# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
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# Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
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# ibcm api entry points
root ibt_open_rc_channel
root ibt_close_rc_channel
root ibt_prime_close_rc_channel
root ibt_request_ud_dest
root ibt_ud_get_dqpn
root ibt_cm_delay
root ibt_register_service
root ibt_bind_service
root ibt_unbind_service
root ibt_unbind_all_services
root ibt_register_ar
root ibt_deregister_ar
root ibt_query_ar
root ibt_cm_proceed
root ibt_cm_ud_proceed
root ibt_deregister_service
root ibcm_query_classport_info
root ibt_free_mcg_info
root ibt_join_mcg
root ibcm_process_async_join_mcg
root ibt_leave_mcg
root ibt_query_mcg
root ibt_set_alt_path
root ibt_gid_to_node_info
root ibt_recycle_rc
root ibt_get_companion_port_gids
root ibt_get_paths
root ibt_get_alt_path
root ibt_aget_paths
root ibt_get_ip_paths
root ibt_aget_ip_paths
root ibt_get_ip_alt_path
root ibt_format_ip_private_data
root ibt_get_ip_data
root ibt_get_ip_dst_port
root ibt_get_ip_protocol_num
root ibt_get_ip_sid
root ibt_release_ip_sid
root ibt_get_src_ip
root ibt_ofuvcm_get_req_data
root ibt_ofuvcm_proceed
root ibcm_arp_get_srcip_plist
root ibcm_arp_get_ibd_insts_cb
# callback entry points from ibmf
root ibcm_recv_cb
root ibcm_post_req_complete
root ibcm_post_rep_complete
root ibcm_post_rep_wait_complete
root ibcm_post_mra_complete
root ibcm_post_mra_lap_complete
root ibcm_post_mra_rep_complete
root ibcm_post_rej_complete
root ibcm_post_lap_complete
root ibcm_post_apr_complete
root ibcm_post_stored_apr_complete
root ibcm_post_dreq_complete
root ibcm_post_drep_complete
root ibcm_post_rtu_complete
root ibcm_post_sidr_req_complete
root ibcm_post_sidr_rep_complete
root ibcm_resend_post_rep_complete
# Callback handlers from IBTL
root ibcm_async_handler
root ibcm_ibtl_node_info
root ibt_register_subnet_notices
# Callback handlers from ibcm
root ibcm_local_cm_handler
# driver entry points
root _init
root _fini
root _info
# AVL related callbacks
root ibcm_active_node_compare
root ibcm_passive_node_compare
root ibcm_passive_comid_node_compare
# CM internal taskq related callbacks
root ibcm_proceed_via_taskq
root ibcm_ud_proceed_via_taskq
root ibcm_recv_task
root ibcm_init_saa
root ibcm_process_abort_via_taskq
root ibcm_process_async_get_paths
root ibcm_process_get_ip_paths
root ibcm_service_record_rewrite_task
# kernel callbacks to ibcm
root ibcm_path_cache_timeout_cb
root ibcm_timeout_cb
root ibcm_recv_timeout_cb
root ibcm_sidr_timeout_cb
root ibcm_sm_notice_handler