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#include <sys/netstack.h>
#include <sys/taskq.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* SCTP kstat */
typedef struct sctp_kstat_s {
kstat_named_t sctp_add_faddr;
kstat_named_t sctp_add_timer;
kstat_named_t sctp_conn_create;
kstat_named_t sctp_find_next_tq;
kstat_named_t sctp_fr_add_hdr;
kstat_named_t sctp_fr_not_found;
kstat_named_t sctp_output_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_rexmit_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_init_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_cookie_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_cookie_ack_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_err_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_sack_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_shutdown_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_shutdown_ack_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_shutdown_comp_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_user_abort_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_asconf_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_asconf_ack_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_ftsn_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_send_hb_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_return_hb_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_ss_rexmit_failed;
kstat_named_t sctp_cl_connect;
kstat_named_t sctp_cl_assoc_change;
kstat_named_t sctp_cl_check_addrs;
} sctp_kstat_t;
#define SCTP_KSTAT(sctps, x) ((sctps)->sctps_statistics.x.value.ui64++)
* SCTP stack instances
struct sctp_stack {
netstack_t *sctps_netstack; /* Common netstack */
mib2_sctp_t sctps_mib;
/* Protected by sctps_g_lock */
struct list sctps_g_list; /* SCTP instance data chain */
kmutex_t sctps_g_lock;
int sctps_g_num_epriv_ports;
uint16_t sctps_g_epriv_ports[SCTP_NUM_EPRIV_PORTS];
kmutex_t sctps_epriv_port_lock;
uint_t sctps_next_port_to_try;
/* SCTP bind hash list - all sctp_t with state >= BOUND. */
struct sctp_tf_s *sctps_bind_fanout;
/* SCTP listen hash list - all sctp_t with state == LISTEN. */
struct sctp_tf_s *sctps_listen_fanout;
struct sctp_tf_s *sctps_conn_fanout;
uint_t sctps_conn_hash_size;
/* Only modified during _init and _fini thus no locking is needed. */
caddr_t sctps_g_nd;
struct sctpparam_s *sctps_params;
struct sctpparam_s *sctps_wroff_xtra_param;
/* This lock protects the SCTP recvq_tq_list array and recvq_tq_list_cur_sz. */
kmutex_t sctps_rq_tq_lock;
int sctps_recvq_tq_list_max_sz;
taskq_t **sctps_recvq_tq_list;
/* Current number of recvq taskq. At least 1 for the default taskq. */
uint32_t sctps_recvq_tq_list_cur_sz;
uint32_t sctps_recvq_tq_list_cur;
/* Global list of SCTP ILLs */
struct sctp_ill_hash_s *sctps_g_ills;
uint32_t sctps_ills_count;
krwlock_t sctps_g_ills_lock;
/* Global list of SCTP IPIFs */
struct sctp_ipif_hash_s *sctps_g_ipifs;
uint32_t sctps_g_ipifs_count;
krwlock_t sctps_g_ipifs_lock;
/* kstat exporting sctp_mib data */
kstat_t *sctps_mibkp;
kstat_t *sctps_kstat;
sctp_kstat_t sctps_statistics;
typedef struct sctp_stack sctp_stack_t;
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _INET_SCTP_SCTP_STACK_H */