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#include <inet/ip.h>
#include <inet/ipdrop.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifdef _KERNEL
/* Named Dispatch Parameter Management Structure */
typedef struct ipsecespparam_s {
uint_t ipsecesp_param_min;
uint_t ipsecesp_param_max;
uint_t ipsecesp_param_value;
char *ipsecesp_param_name;
} ipsecespparam_t;
* IPSECESP stack instances
struct ipsecesp_stack {
netstack_t *ipsecesp_netstack; /* Common netstack */
caddr_t ipsecesp_g_nd;
struct ipsecespparam_s *ipsecesp_params;
kmutex_t ipsecesp_param_lock; /* Protects params */
/* Packet dropper for ESP drops. */
ipdropper_t esp_dropper;
kstat_t *esp_ksp;
struct esp_kstats_s *esp_kstats;
* Keysock instance of ESP. There can be only one per stack instance.
* Use casptr() on this because I don't set it until KEYSOCK_HELLO
* comes down.
* Paired up with the esp_pfkey_q is the esp_event, which will age SAs.
queue_t *esp_pfkey_q;
timeout_id_t esp_event;
sadbp_t esp_sadb;
typedef struct ipsecesp_stack ipsecesp_stack_t;
/* Define *this* NDD variable here because we use it outside ESP proper. */
#define ipsecesp_nat_keepalive_interval \
#endif /* _KERNEL */
* For now, only provide "aligned" version of header.
* If aligned version is needed, we'll go with the naming conventions then.
typedef struct esph {
uint32_t esph_spi;
uint32_t esph_replay;
} esph_t;
/* No need for "old" ESP, just point a uint32_t *. */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _INET_IPSECESP_H */