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#ifndef _IP_ARP_H
#define _IP_ARP_H
* Data-structures and functions related to the IP STREAMS queue that handles
* packets with the SAP set to 0x806 (ETHERTYPE_ARP).
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <inet/ip.h>
#include <inet/ip_ndp.h>
#include <sys/stream.h>
#ifdef _KERNEL
extern struct streamtab dummymodinfo;
struct arl_ill_common_s;
* The arl_s structure tracks the state of the associated ARP stream.
typedef struct arl_s {
queue_t *arl_rq;
queue_t *arl_wq;
ip_stack_t *arl_ipst;
zoneid_t arl_zoneid;
cred_t *arl_credp;
ip_m_t arl_media;
struct arl_ill_common_s *arl_common;
int arl_muxid;
uint_t arl_ppa;
t_uscalar_t arl_sap;
t_uscalar_t arl_sap_length;
uint_t arl_phys_addr_length;
char *arl_name;
int arl_name_length;
t_uscalar_t arl_mactype;
#define arl_first_mp_to_free arl_dlpi_deferred
mblk_t *arl_dlpi_deferred;
mblk_t *arl_unbind_mp;
mblk_t *arl_detach_mp;
#define arl_last_mp_to_free arl_detach_mp
uint_t arl_state_flags;
uint_t arl_refcnt;
kcondvar_t arl_cv;
t_uscalar_t arl_dlpi_pending;
kmutex_t arl_lock;
int arl_error;
} arl_t;
* The arl_ill_common_t structure is a super-structure that contains pointers
* to a pair of matching ill_t, arl_t structures. Given an arl_t (or
* ill_t) the corresponding ill_t (or arl_t) must be obtained by
* synchronizing on the ai_lock, and ensuring that the desired ill/arl
* pointer is non-null, not condemned. The arl_ill_common_t is allocated in
* arl_init() and freed only when both the ill_t and the arl_t structures
* become NULL.
* Lock hierarchy: the ai_lock must be take before the ill_lock or arl_lock.
typedef struct arl_ill_common_s {
kmutex_t ai_lock;
ill_t *ai_ill;
arl_t *ai_arl;
kcondvar_t ai_ill_unplumb_done; /* sent from ip_modclose() */
} arl_ill_common_t;
extern boolean_t arp_no_defense;
extern struct module_info arp_mod_info;
extern int arp_ll_up(ill_t *);
extern int arp_ll_down(ill_t *);
extern boolean_t arp_announce(ncec_t *);
extern boolean_t arp_probe(ncec_t *);
extern int arp_request(ncec_t *, in_addr_t, ill_t *);
extern void arp_failure(mblk_t *, ip_recv_attr_t *);
extern int arl_wait_for_info_ack(arl_t *);
extern int arl_init(queue_t *, arl_t *);
extern void arl_set_muxid(ill_t *, int);
extern int arl_get_muxid(ill_t *);
extern void arp_send_replumb_conf(ill_t *);
extern void arp_unbind_complete(ill_t *);
extern ill_t *arl_to_ill(arl_t *);
#define ARP_RETRANS_TIMER 500 /* time in milliseconds */
/* The following are arl_state_flags */
#define ARL_LL_SUBNET_PENDING 0x01 /* Waiting for DL_INFO_ACK from drv */
#define ARL_CONDEMNED 0x02 /* No more new ref's to the ILL */
#define ARL_DL_UNBIND_IN_PROGRESS 0x04 /* UNBIND_REQ is sent */
#define ARL_LL_BIND_PENDING 0x0020 /* BIND sent */
#define ARL_LL_UP 0x0040 /* BIND acked */
#define ARL_LL_DOWN 0x0080
#define ARL_LL_UNBOUND 0x0100 /* UNBIND acked */
#define ARL_LL_REPLUMBING 0x0200 /* replumb in progress */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _IP_ARP_H */