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#ifndef _TRILL_IMPL_H
#define _TRILL_IMPL_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <sys/list.h>
#include <net/trill.h>
#include <sys/mac.h>
#include <sys/kstat.h>
#include <sys/rwlock.h>
#include <net/bridge_impl.h>
#include <net/if_dl.h>
#define TRILL_KSSOCK_NAMES "recv", "sent", "drops", "encap", "decap", "forward"
/* kstats per TRILL socket */
typedef struct trill_kssock_s {
kstat_named_t tks_recv; /* packets received */
kstat_named_t tks_sent; /* packets sent through */
kstat_named_t tks_drops; /* packets dropped */
kstat_named_t tks_encap; /* packets encapsulated */
kstat_named_t tks_decap; /* packets decapsulated */
kstat_named_t tks_forward; /* packets forwarded */
} trill_kssock_t;
#define KSPINCR(stat) ++(tsock->ts_kstats.stat.value.ui64)
#define TRILL_NO_TCI 0 /* No VLAN tag */
#define TRILL_VLANS_ARRSIZE ((1<<12)/NBBY)
#define TRILL_VLANBIT(v) ((v) % NBBY)
#define TRILL_VLANBYTE(v) ((v)/NBBY)
#define TRILL_VLANISSET(l, v) ((l)[TRILL_VLANBYTE(v)] & (1<<TRILL_VLANBIT(v)))
struct trill_node_s;
* TRILL instance structure, one for each TRILL instance running in
* support of a bridge instance. Members ti_bridgename and ti_binst
* refer to the specific bridge instance. The bridge instance in
* question must be online before we can support and rely on it.
* We rely on the bridge instance for TRILL sockets to transmit and
* receive TRILL packets. Each TRILL instance holds the TRILL
* forwarding and nick database in ti_nodes. trill_inst_rwlock
* protects changes to the TRILL instances list. Within each TRILL
* instance the ti_rwlock protects changes to the structure. A refcount
* (ti_refs) helps in destroying the TRILL instance when all TRILL
* sockets part of the instance are shutdown.
typedef struct trill_s {
list_node_t ti_instnode;
uint16_t ti_nick; /* our nickname */
uint16_t ti_treeroot; /* tree root nickname */
struct trill_node_s *ti_nodes[RBRIDGE_NICKNAME_MAX];
uint_t ti_nodecount;
list_t ti_socklist;
char ti_bridgename[MAXLINKNAMELEN];
krwlock_t ti_rwlock;
uint_t ti_refs;
bridge_inst_t *ti_binst;
} trill_inst_t;
* TRILL socket structure. IS-IS daemon opens a TRILL socket for
* each broadcast link the TRILL IS-IS protocol instance is
* running on. TRILL specific link properties, state and stats
* are stored as well. ts_vlanfwder indicates whether the RBridges
* is the designated forwarder on the link for a particular VLAN.
* A refcount (ts_refs) ensures the last consumer (TRILL module
* or the IS-IS daemon) destroys the socket.
typedef struct trillsocket_s {
list_node_t ts_socklistnode;
uint8_t ts_state;
bridge_link_t *ts_link;
struct sockaddr_dl ts_lladdr;
uint16_t ts_desigvlan;
kstat_t *ts_ksp;
trill_kssock_t ts_kstats;
trill_inst_t *ts_tip;
uint_t ts_refs;
uint_t ts_flags;
sock_upcalls_t *ts_conn_upcalls; /* Upcalls to sockfs */
sock_upper_handle_t ts_conn_upper_handle; /* sonode */
boolean_t ts_flow_ctrld;
kmutex_t ts_socklock;
uint_t ts_sockthreadcount;
kcondvar_t ts_sockthreadwait;
kcondvar_t ts_sockclosewait;
} trill_sock_t;
* TRILL socket flags (ts_flags). TSF_SHUTDOWN indicates the TRILL socket
* owner (IS-IS daemon process) had done a close on the socket and other
* consumers (TRILL threads) should not pass any packets downstream.
* TSF_CLOSEWAIT indicates socket close is in progress.
#define TSF_SHUTDOWN 0x0001
#define TSF_CLOSEWAIT 0x0002
* TRILL node information structure. Holds information to reach the
* TRILL node and other RBridge information specified in trill_nick_info_t
typedef struct trill_node_s {
trill_sock_t *tn_tsp;
trill_nickinfo_t *tn_ni;
uint_t tn_refs;
} trill_node_t;
/* Limit to alloc max 1MB per trill_nickinfo_t received from user daemon */
#define TNI_MAXSIZE (1<<30)
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _TRILL_IMPL_H */