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This README describes the organization of the files and subdirectories
that make up the misc/mac module.
Changes to the sources should follow the layout and naming conventions
adopted herein.
Each functional component of the mac module is implemented in a separate
source file. The external interfaces are declared in header files delivered
under <sys>. The internal data structures and definitions are declared
in header files internal to this directory.
. Client Interface
This is the kernel programming interface for accessing L2 services as
a consumer.
. mac_client.c
. sys/mac_client.h: APIs intended for external MAC consumers
. sys/mac_client_priv.h: APIs for GLDv3 components only (dld,
dls, aggr, vnic, etc).
. mac_client_impl.h Internals.
. Provider Interface
This is the GLDv3 kernel driver interface. Functions and data structures
are used by L2 drivers to provide services to MAC consumers.
. mac_provider.c
. sys/mac_provider.h
. MAC Type Plugins
The GLDv3 L2 supports multiple types of media control. Each type is
implemented as a plugin delivered in a separate file under the
plugin/ directory.
Add a new file to the plugin/ directory for introducing a new MAC type.
. Core Component.
- Scheduling Engine:
. mac_datapath_setup.c: Control path for the scheduler.
. mac_soft_ring.c,
mac_soft_ring.h: Fanout Soft Rings.
. mac_sched.c: Data path
. mac_bcast.c Data path and switching for broadcast and
multicast packets.
. mac_stat.c: Statistics
- Classification Engine
mac_flow.c: Flows and software classification:
- NICs Resources Management
. mac.c (this file also has other miscelanea)
. Misc
. mac.c
. mac_util.c
. mac_ndd.c