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#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <sys/taskq.h>
#include <hxge_txdma_hw.h>
#include <hpi_txdma.h>
#define TX_FULL_MARK 3
* Transmit load balancing definitions.
#define HXGE_TX_LB_TCPUDP 0 /* default policy */
#define HXGE_TX_LB_HASH 1 /* from the hint data */
#define HXGE_TX_LB_DEST_MAC 2 /* Dest. MAC */
* Descriptor ring empty:
* (1) head index is equal to tail index.
* (2) wrapped around bits are the same.
* Descriptor ring full:
* (1) head index is equal to tail index.
* (2) wrapped around bits are different.
#define TXDMA_RING_EMPTY(head, head_wrap, tail, tail_wrap) \
((head == tail && head_wrap == tail_wrap) ? B_TRUE : B_FALSE)
#define TXDMA_RING_FULL(head, head_wrap, tail, tail_wrap) \
((head == tail && head_wrap != tail_wrap) ? B_TRUE : B_FALSE)
#define TXDMA_DESC_NEXT_INDEX(index, entries, wrap_mask) \
((index + entries) & wrap_mask)
typedef struct _tx_msg_t {
hxge_os_block_mv_t flags; /* DMA, BCOPY, DVMA (?) */
hxge_os_dma_common_t buf_dma; /* premapped buffer blocks */
hxge_os_dma_handle_t buf_dma_handle; /* premapped buffer handle */
hxge_os_dma_handle_t dma_handle; /* DMA handle for normal send */
hxge_os_dma_handle_t dvma_handle; /* Fast DVMA handle */
p_mblk_t tx_message;
uint32_t tx_msg_size;
size_t bytes_used;
int head;
int tail;
int offset_index;
} tx_msg_t, *p_tx_msg_t;
* TX Statistics.
typedef struct _hxge_tx_ring_stats_t {
uint64_t opackets;
uint64_t obytes;
uint64_t obytes_with_pad;
uint64_t oerrors;
uint32_t tx_inits;
uint32_t tx_no_buf;
uint32_t peu_resp_err;
uint32_t pkt_size_hdr_err;
uint32_t runt_pkt_drop_err;
uint32_t pkt_size_err;
uint32_t tx_rng_oflow;
uint32_t pref_par_err;
uint32_t tdr_pref_cpl_to;
uint32_t pkt_cpl_to;
uint32_t invalid_sop;
uint32_t unexpected_sop;
uint64_t count_hdr_size_err;
uint64_t count_runt;
uint64_t count_abort;
uint32_t tx_starts;
uint32_t tx_no_desc;
uint32_t tx_dma_bind_fail;
uint32_t tx_hdr_pkts;
uint32_t tx_ddi_pkts;
uint32_t tx_jumbo_pkts;
uint32_t tx_max_pend;
uint32_t tx_marks;
tdc_pref_par_log_t errlog;
} hxge_tx_ring_stats_t, *p_hxge_tx_ring_stats_t;
typedef struct _hxge_tdc_sys_stats {
uint32_t reord_tbl_par_err;
uint32_t reord_buf_ded_err;
uint32_t reord_buf_sec_err;
} hxge_tdc_sys_stats_t, *p_hxge_tdc_sys_stats_t;
typedef struct _tx_ring_t {
hxge_os_dma_common_t tdc_desc;
struct _hxge_t *hxgep;
mac_ring_handle_t ring_handle;
ddi_taskq_t *taskq;
p_tx_msg_t tx_msg_ring;
uint32_t tnblocks;
tdc_tdr_cfg_t tx_ring_cfig;
tdc_tdr_kick_t tx_ring_kick;
tdc_tdr_cfg_t tx_cs;
tdc_int_mask_t tx_evmask;
tdc_mbh_t tx_mbox_mbh;
tdc_mbl_t tx_mbox_mbl;
tdc_page_handle_t page_hdl;
hxge_os_mutex_t lock;
uint16_t index;
uint16_t tdc;
struct hxge_tdc_cfg *tdc_p;
uint_t tx_ring_size;
uint32_t num_chunks;
uint_t tx_wrap_mask;
uint_t rd_index;
uint_t wr_index;
boolean_t wr_index_wrap;
uint_t head_index;
boolean_t head_wrap;
tdc_tdr_head_t ring_head;
tdc_tdr_kick_t ring_kick_tail;
txdma_mailbox_t tx_mbox;
uint_t descs_pending;
boolean_t queueing;
p_mblk_t head;
p_mblk_t tail;
p_hxge_tx_ring_stats_t tdc_stats;
uint_t dvma_wr_index;
uint_t dvma_rd_index;
uint_t dvma_pending;
uint_t dvma_available;
uint_t dvma_wrap_mask;
hxge_os_dma_handle_t *dvma_ring;
mac_resource_handle_t tx_mac_resource_handle;
} tx_ring_t, *p_tx_ring_t;
/* Transmit Mailbox */
typedef struct _tx_mbox_t {
hxge_os_mutex_t lock;
uint16_t index;
struct _hxge_t *hxgep;
uint16_t tdc;
hxge_os_dma_common_t tx_mbox;
tdc_mbl_t tx_mbox_l;
tdc_mbh_t tx_mbox_h;
} tx_mbox_t, *p_tx_mbox_t;
typedef struct _tx_rings_t {
p_tx_ring_t *rings;
boolean_t txdesc_allocated;
uint32_t ndmas;
hxge_os_dma_common_t tdc_dma;
hxge_os_dma_common_t tdc_mbox;
} tx_rings_t, *p_tx_rings_t;
typedef struct _tx_mbox_areas_t {
p_tx_mbox_t *txmbox_areas_p;
boolean_t txmbox_allocated;
} tx_mbox_areas_t, *p_tx_mbox_areas_t;
* Transmit prototypes.
hxge_status_t hxge_init_txdma_channels(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_uninit_txdma_channels(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_setup_dma_common(p_hxge_dma_common_t, p_hxge_dma_common_t,
uint32_t, uint32_t);
hxge_status_t hxge_reset_txdma_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint16_t channel,
uint64_t reg_data);
hxge_status_t hxge_init_txdma_channel_event_mask(p_hxge_t hxgep,
uint16_t channel, tdc_int_mask_t *mask_p);
hxge_status_t hxge_enable_txdma_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint16_t channel,
p_tx_ring_t tx_desc_p, p_tx_mbox_t mbox_p);
p_mblk_t hxge_tx_pkt_header_reserve(p_mblk_t mp, uint8_t *npads);
int hxge_tx_pkt_nmblocks(p_mblk_t mp, int *tot_xfer_len_p);
boolean_t hxge_txdma_reclaim(p_hxge_t hxgep,
p_tx_ring_t tx_ring_p, int nmblks);
void hxge_fill_tx_hdr(p_mblk_t mp, boolean_t fill_len, boolean_t l4_cksum,
int pkt_len, uint8_t npads, p_tx_pkt_hdr_all_t pkthdrp);
hxge_status_t hxge_txdma_hw_mode(p_hxge_t hxgep, boolean_t enable);
void hxge_txdma_stop(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_fixup_txdma_rings(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_txdma_hw_kick(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_txdma_fix_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint16_t channel);
void hxge_txdma_fixup_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, p_tx_ring_t ring_p,
uint16_t channel);
void hxge_txdma_hw_kick_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, p_tx_ring_t ring_p,
uint16_t channel);
void hxge_check_tx_hang(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_fixup_hung_txdma_rings(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_txdma_fix_hung_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint16_t channel);
void hxge_txdma_fixup_hung_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, p_tx_ring_t ring_p,
uint16_t channel);
mblk_t *hxge_tx_ring_send(void *arg, mblk_t *mp);
void hxge_reclaim_rings(p_hxge_t hxgep);
int hxge_txdma_channel_hung(p_hxge_t hxgep,
p_tx_ring_t tx_ring_p, uint16_t channel);
int hxge_txdma_hung(p_hxge_t hxgep);
int hxge_txdma_stop_inj_err(p_hxge_t hxgep, int channel);
hxge_status_t hxge_txdma_handle_sys_errors(p_hxge_t hxgep);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _SYS_HXGE_HXGE_TXDMA_H */