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* The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
* Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
* You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
* or
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions
* and limitations under the License.
* When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
* file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
* If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
* fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
* information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
* Copyright 2010 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms.
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifndef _ASM
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/byteorder.h>
#include <sys/debug.h>
#include <sys/stropts.h>
#include <sys/stream.h>
#include <sys/strlog.h>
#include <sys/strsubr.h>
#include <sys/cmn_err.h>
#include <sys/vtrace.h>
#include <sys/kmem.h>
#include <sys/ddi.h>
#include <sys/sunddi.h>
#include <sys/strsun.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/cpu.h>
#include <sys/kstat.h>
#include <inet/common.h>
#include <inet/ip.h>
#include <inet/ip6.h>
#include <sys/dlpi.h>
#include <inet/nd.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <sys/ethernet.h>
#include <sys/vlan.h>
#include <sys/pci.h>
#include <sys/taskq.h>
#include <sys/atomic.h>
#include <hxge_defs.h>
#include <hxge_peu.h>
#include <hxge_pfc.h>
#include <hxge_pfc_hw.h>
#include <hxge_vmac.h>
#include <hxge_fm.h>
#include <sys/netlb.h>
#include <sys/ddi_intr.h>
#include <sys/mac_provider.h>
#include <sys/mac_ether.h>
#include <sys/note.h>
* Handy macros (taken from bge driver)
#define RBR_SIZE 4
#define DMA_COMMON_VPTR(area) ((area.kaddrp))
#define DMA_COMMON_HANDLE(area) ((area.dma_handle))
#define DMA_COMMON_ACC_HANDLE(area) ((area.acc_handle))
#define DMA_COMMON_IOADDR(area) ((area.dma_cookie.dmac_laddress))
#define DMA_COMMON_SYNC(area, flag) ((void) ddi_dma_sync((area).dma_handle,\
(area).offset, (area).alength, \
#define DMA_COMMON_SYNC_OFFSET(area, bufoffset, len, flag) \
((void) ddi_dma_sync((area).dma_handle,\
(area.offset + bufoffset), len, \
#define NEXT_ENTRY(index, wrap) ((index + 1) & wrap)
#define NEXT_ENTRY_PTR(ptr, first, last) \
((ptr == last) ? first : (ptr + 1))
* HPI related macros
#define HXGE_DEV_HPI_HANDLE(hxgep) (hxgep->hpi_handle)
#define HPI_PCI_ACC_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ah) (hxgep->hpi_pci_handle.regh = ah)
#define HPI_PCI_ADD_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ap) (hxgep->hpi_pci_handle.regp = ap)
#define HPI_ACC_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ah) (hxgep->hpi_handle.regh = ah)
#define HPI_ADD_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ap) \
hxgep->hpi_handle.is_vraddr = B_FALSE; \
hxgep->hpi_handle.function.instance = hxgep->instance; \
hxgep->hpi_handle.function.function = 0; \
hxgep->hpi_handle.hxgep = (void *) hxgep; \
hxgep->hpi_handle.regp = ap;
#define HPI_REG_ACC_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ah) (hxgep->hpi_reg_handle.regh = ah)
#define HPI_REG_ADD_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ap) \
hxgep->hpi_reg_handle.is_vraddr = B_FALSE; \
hxgep->hpi_handle.function.instance = hxgep->instance; \
hxgep->hpi_handle.function.function = 0; \
hxgep->hpi_reg_handle.hxgep = (void *) hxgep; \
hxgep->hpi_reg_handle.regp = ap;
#define HPI_MSI_ACC_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ah) (hxgep->hpi_msi_handle.regh = ah)
#define HPI_MSI_ADD_HANDLE_SET(hxgep, ap) \
hxgep->hpi_msi_handle.is_vraddr = B_FALSE; \
hxgep->hpi_msi_handle.function.instance = hxgep->instance; \
hxgep->hpi_msi_handle.function.function = 0; \
hxgep->hpi_msi_handle.hxgep = (void *) hxgep; \
hxgep->hpi_msi_handle.regp = ap;
#define HPI_DMA_ACC_HANDLE_SET(dmap, ah) (dmap->hpi_handle.regh = ah)
#define HPI_DMA_ACC_HANDLE_GET(dmap) (dmap->hpi_handle.regh)
#define LDV_ON(ldv, vector) ((vector >> ldv) & 0x1)
typedef uint32_t hxge_status_t;
typedef enum {
} dma_method_t;
typedef enum {
} hxge_rx_block_size_t;
#ifdef TX_ONE_BUF
#define TX_BCOPY_MAX 512
#define TX_BCOPY_MAX 512
#define TX_BCOPY_SIZE 512
#define TX_STREAM_MIN 512
#define TX_FASTDVMA_MIN 1024
#define HXGE_IS_VLAN_PACKET(ptr) \
((((struct ether_vlan_header *)ptr)->ether_tpid) == \
typedef enum {
} dma_type_t;
struct _hxge_block_mv_t {
uint32_t msg_type;
dma_type_t dma_type;
typedef struct _hxge_block_mv_t hxge_block_mv_t, *p_hxge_block_mv_t;
typedef struct ether_addr ether_addr_st, *p_ether_addr_t;
typedef struct ether_header ether_header_t, *p_ether_header_t;
typedef queue_t *p_queue_t;
typedef mblk_t *p_mblk_t;
* Common DMA data elements.
struct _hxge_dma_common_t {
uint16_t dma_channel;
void *kaddrp;
void *ioaddr_pp;
ddi_dma_cookie_t dma_cookie;
uint32_t ncookies;
ddi_dma_handle_t dma_handle;
hxge_os_acc_handle_t acc_handle;
hpi_handle_t hpi_handle;
size_t block_size;
uint32_t nblocks;
size_t alength;
uint_t offset;
uint_t dma_chunk_index;
void *orig_ioaddr_pp;
uint64_t orig_vatopa;
void *orig_kaddrp;
size_t orig_alength;
boolean_t contig_alloc_type;
typedef struct _hxge_t hxge_t, *p_hxge_t;
typedef struct _hxge_dma_common_t hxge_dma_common_t, *p_hxge_dma_common_t;
typedef struct _hxge_dma_pool_t {
p_hxge_dma_common_t *dma_buf_pool_p;
uint32_t ndmas;
uint32_t *num_chunks;
boolean_t buf_allocated;
} hxge_dma_pool_t, *p_hxge_dma_pool_t;
* Each logical device (69):
* - LDG #
* - flag bits
* - masks.
* - interrupt handler function.
* Generic system interrupt handler with two arguments:
* (hxge_sys_intr_t)
* Per device instance data structure
* Logical group data structure.
* Logical device interrupt handler with two arguments:
* (hxge_ldv_intr_t)
* Per device instance data structure
* Logical device number
typedef struct _hxge_ldg_t hxge_ldg_t, *p_hxge_ldg_t;
typedef struct _hxge_ldv_t hxge_ldv_t, *p_hxge_ldv_t;
typedef uint_t (*hxge_sys_intr_t)(caddr_t arg1, caddr_t arg2);
typedef uint_t (*hxge_ldv_intr_t)(caddr_t arg1, caddr_t arg2);
* Each logical device Group (64) needs to have the following
* configurations:
* - timer counter (6 bits)
* - timer resolution (20 bits, number of system clocks)
* - system data (7 bits)
struct _hxge_ldg_t {
uint8_t ldg; /* logical group number */
uint8_t vldg_index;
boolean_t arm;
boolean_t interrupted;
uint16_t ldg_timer; /* counter */
uint8_t vector;
uint8_t nldvs;
p_hxge_ldv_t ldvp;
hxge_sys_intr_t sys_intr_handler;
p_hxge_t hxgep;
uint32_t htable_idx;
struct _hxge_ldv_t {
uint8_t ldg_assigned;
uint8_t ldv;
boolean_t is_rxdma;
boolean_t is_txdma;
boolean_t is_vmac;
boolean_t is_syserr;
boolean_t is_pfc;
boolean_t use_timer;
uint8_t channel;
uint8_t vdma_index;
p_hxge_ldg_t ldgp;
uint8_t ldv_ldf_masks;
hxge_ldv_intr_t ldv_intr_handler;
p_hxge_t hxgep;
typedef struct _pci_cfg_t {
uint16_t vendorid;
uint16_t devid;
uint16_t command;
uint16_t status;
uint8_t revid;
uint8_t res0;
uint16_t junk1;
uint8_t cache_line;
uint8_t latency;
uint8_t header;
uint8_t bist;
uint32_t base;
uint32_t base14;
uint32_t base18;
uint32_t base1c;
uint32_t base20;
uint32_t base24;
uint32_t base28;
uint32_t base2c;
uint32_t base30;
uint32_t res1[2];
uint8_t int_line;
uint8_t int_pin;
uint8_t min_gnt;
uint8_t max_lat;
} pci_cfg_t, *p_pci_cfg_t;
typedef struct _dev_regs_t {
hxge_os_acc_handle_t hxge_pciregh; /* PCI config DDI IO handle */
p_pci_cfg_t hxge_pciregp; /* mapped PCI registers */
hxge_os_acc_handle_t hxge_regh; /* device DDI IO (BAR 0) */
void *hxge_regp; /* mapped device registers */
hxge_os_acc_handle_t hxge_msix_regh; /* MSI/X DDI handle (BAR 2) */
void *hxge_msix_regp; /* MSI/X register */
hxge_os_acc_handle_t hxge_romh; /* fcode rom handle */
unsigned char *hxge_romp; /* fcode pointer */
} dev_regs_t, *p_dev_regs_t;
#include <hxge_common_impl.h>
#include <hxge_common.h>
#include <hxge_rxdma.h>
#include <hxge_txdma.h>
#include <hxge_fzc.h>
#include <hxge_flow.h>
#include <hxge_virtual.h>
#include <hxge.h>
#include <sys/modctl.h>
#include <sys/pattr.h>
#include <hpi_vir.h>
* Reconfiguring the network devices requires the net_config privilege
* in Solaris 10+. Prior to this, root privilege is required. In order
* that the driver binary can run on both S10+ and earlier versions, we
* make the decisiion as to which to use at runtime. These declarations
* allow for either (or both) to exist ...
extern int secpolicy_net_config(const cred_t *, boolean_t);
extern void hxge_fm_report_error(p_hxge_t hxgep,
uint8_t err_chan, hxge_fm_ereport_id_t fm_ereport_id);
extern int fm_check_acc_handle(ddi_acc_handle_t);
extern int fm_check_dma_handle(ddi_dma_handle_t);
#pragma weak secpolicy_net_config
hxge_status_t hxge_classify_init(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_classify_uninit(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_put_tcam(p_hxge_t hxgep, p_mblk_t mp);
void hxge_get_tcam(p_hxge_t hxgep, p_mblk_t mp);
hxge_status_t hxge_classify_init_hw(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_classify_init_sw(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_classify_exit_sw(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_ip_class_config_all(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_ip_class_config(p_hxge_t hxgep, tcam_class_t l3_class,
uint32_t class_config);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_ip_class_config_get(p_hxge_t hxgep,
tcam_class_t l3_class, uint32_t *class_config);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_set_hash(p_hxge_t, uint32_t);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_config_tcam_enable(p_hxge_t);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_config_tcam_disable(p_hxge_t);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_ip_class_config(p_hxge_t, tcam_class_t, uint32_t);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_ip_class_config_get(p_hxge_t, tcam_class_t, uint32_t *);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_mac_addrs_get(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_hw_reset(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_handle_sys_errors(p_hxge_t hxgep);
/* hxge_kstats.c */
void hxge_init_statsp(p_hxge_t);
void hxge_setup_kstats(p_hxge_t);
void hxge_destroy_kstats(p_hxge_t);
int hxge_port_kstat_update(kstat_t *, int);
int hxge_m_stat(void *arg, uint_t stat, uint64_t *val);
int hxge_rx_ring_stat(mac_ring_driver_t, uint_t, uint64_t *);
int hxge_tx_ring_stat(mac_ring_driver_t, uint_t, uint64_t *);
/* hxge_hw.c */
hxge_hw_ioctl(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, mblk_t *, struct iocblk *);
void hxge_loopback_ioctl(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, mblk_t *, struct iocblk *);
void hxge_global_reset(p_hxge_t);
uint_t hxge_intr(caddr_t arg1, caddr_t arg2);
void hxge_intr_enable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_intr_disable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_hw_id_init(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_hw_init_niu_common(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_intr_hw_enable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_intr_hw_disable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_hw_stop(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_global_reset(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_check_hw_state(p_hxge_t hxgep);
/* hxge_send.c. */
uint_t hxge_reschedule(caddr_t arg);
/* hxge_ndd.c */
void hxge_get_param_soft_properties(p_hxge_t);
void hxge_setup_param(p_hxge_t);
void hxge_init_param(p_hxge_t);
void hxge_destroy_param(p_hxge_t);
boolean_t hxge_check_rxdma_port_member(p_hxge_t, uint8_t);
boolean_t hxge_check_txdma_port_member(p_hxge_t, uint8_t);
int hxge_param_get_generic(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, mblk_t *, caddr_t);
int hxge_param_set_generic(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, mblk_t *, char *, caddr_t);
int hxge_get_default(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, p_mblk_t, caddr_t);
int hxge_set_default(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, p_mblk_t, char *, caddr_t);
int hxge_nd_get_names(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, p_mblk_t, caddr_t);
int hxge_mk_mblk_tail_space(p_mblk_t mp, p_mblk_t *nmp, size_t size);
void hxge_param_ioctl(p_hxge_t hxgep, queue_t *, mblk_t *, struct iocblk *);
boolean_t hxge_nd_load(caddr_t *, char *, pfi_t, pfi_t, caddr_t);
void hxge_nd_free(caddr_t *);
int hxge_nd_getset(p_hxge_t, queue_t *, caddr_t, p_mblk_t);
boolean_t hxge_set_lb(p_hxge_t, queue_t *wq, p_mblk_t mp);
int hxge_param_rx_intr_pkts(p_hxge_t hxgep, queue_t *, mblk_t *, char *,
int hxge_param_rx_intr_time(p_hxge_t hxgep, queue_t *, mblk_t *, char *,
int hxge_param_set_ip_opt(p_hxge_t hxgep, queue_t *, mblk_t *, char *, caddr_t);
int hxge_param_get_ip_opt(p_hxge_t hxgep, queue_t *, mblk_t *, caddr_t);
/* hxge_virtual.c */
hxge_status_t hxge_get_config_properties(p_hxge_t);
hxge_status_t hxge_init_fzc_txdma_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint16_t channel,
p_tx_ring_t tx_ring_p, p_tx_mbox_t mbox_p);
hxge_status_t hxge_init_fzc_rxdma_channel(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint16_t channel,
p_rx_rbr_ring_t rbr_p, p_rx_rcr_ring_t rcr_p, p_rx_mbox_t mbox_p);
hxge_status_t hxge_init_fzc_rx_common(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_init_fzc_rxdma_channel_pages(p_hxge_t hxgep,
uint16_t channel, p_rx_rbr_ring_t rbr_p);
hxge_status_t hxge_init_fzc_txdma_channel_pages(p_hxge_t hxgep,
uint16_t channel, p_tx_ring_t tx_ring_p);
hxge_status_t hxge_intr_mask_mgmt_set(p_hxge_t hxgep, boolean_t on);
/* MAC functions */
hxge_status_t hxge_vmac_init(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_link_init(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_tx_vmac_init(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_rx_vmac_init(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_tx_vmac_enable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_tx_vmac_disable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_rx_vmac_enable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_rx_vmac_disable(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_tx_vmac_reset(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_rx_vmac_reset(p_hxge_t hxgep);
hxge_status_t hxge_add_mcast_addr(p_hxge_t, struct ether_addr *);
hxge_status_t hxge_del_mcast_addr(p_hxge_t, struct ether_addr *);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_set_mac_address(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint32_t slot,
struct ether_addr *addrp);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_num_macs_get(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint8_t *nmacs);
hxge_status_t hxge_pfc_clear_mac_address(p_hxge_t, uint32_t slot);
hxge_status_t hxge_set_promisc(p_hxge_t hxgep, boolean_t on);
void hxge_save_cntrs(p_hxge_t hxgep);
int hxge_vmac_set_framesize(p_hxge_t hxgep);
void hxge_debug_msg(p_hxge_t, uint64_t, char *, ...);
char *hxge_dump_packet(char *addr, int size);
#endif /* !_ASM */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _SYS_HXGE_HXGE_IMPL_H */