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/* wctype.h 1.13 89/11/02 SMI; JLE */
/* from AT&T JAE 2.1 */
/* definitions for international functions */
* Copyright 2015 Garrett D'Amore <>
* Copyright 2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms.
#ifndef _WCTYPE_H
#define _WCTYPE_H
#include <sys/feature_tests.h>
#include <iso/wctype_iso.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <wchar.h>
* Allow global visibility for symbols defined in
* C++ "std" namespace in <iso/wctype_iso.h>.
#if __cplusplus >= 199711L
using std::wint_t;
using std::wctrans_t;
using std::iswalnum;
using std::iswalpha;
using std::iswcntrl;
using std::iswdigit;
using std::iswgraph;
using std::iswlower;
using std::iswprint;
using std::iswpunct;
using std::iswspace;
using std::iswupper;
using std::iswxdigit;
using std::towlower;
using std::towupper;
using std::wctrans;
using std::towctrans;
using std::iswctype;
using std::wctype;
#if (__cplusplus >= 201103L) || defined(_STDC_C99) || defined(_XPG6) || \
using std::iswblank;
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* do not allow any of the following in a strictly conforming application */
* data structure for supplementary code set
* for character class and conversion
struct _wctype {
wchar_t tmin; /* minimum code for wctype */
wchar_t tmax; /* maximum code for wctype */
unsigned char *index; /* class index */
unsigned int *type; /* class type */
wchar_t cmin; /* minimum code for conversion */
wchar_t cmax; /* maximum code for conversion */
wchar_t *code; /* conversion code */
extern int __iswrune(wint_t);
extern wint_t __nextwctype(wint_t, wctype_t);
#define iswrune(c) __iswrune(c)
#define nextwctype(c, t) __nextwctype(c, t)
/* character classification functions */
/* iswascii is still a macro */
#define iswascii(c) isascii(c)
/* isw*, except iswascii(), are not macros any more. They become functions */
/* is* also become functions */
extern int isphonogram(wint_t);
extern int isideogram(wint_t);
extern int isenglish(wint_t);
extern int isnumber(wint_t);
extern int isspecial(wint_t);
/* From BSD/MacOS */
extern int iswideogram(wint_t);
extern int iswphonogram(wint_t);
extern int iswnumber(wint_t);
extern int iswhexnumber(wint_t);
extern int iswspecial(wint_t);
#define iscodeset0(c) isascii(c)
#define iscodeset1(c) (((c) & WCHAR_CSMASK) == WCHAR_CS1)
#define iscodeset2(c) (((c) & WCHAR_CSMASK) == WCHAR_CS2)
#define iscodeset3(c) (((c) & WCHAR_CSMASK) == WCHAR_CS3)
#endif /* !defined(_STRICT_SYMBOLS)... */
/* XPG7 extended locale support */
#if defined(_XPG7) || !defined(_STRICT_SYMBOLS)
#ifndef _LOCALE_T
#define _LOCALE_T
typedef struct _locale *locale_t;
extern wint_t towlower_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern wint_t towupper_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern wint_t towctrans_l(wint_t, wctrans_t, locale_t);
extern int iswctype_l(wint_t, wctype_t, locale_t);
extern int iswalnum_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswalpha_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswblank_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswcntrl_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswdigit_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswgraph_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswlower_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswprint_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswpunct_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswspace_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswupper_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern int iswxdigit_l(wint_t, locale_t);
extern wctrans_t wctrans_l(const char *, locale_t);
extern wctype_t wctype_l(const char *, locale_t);
#endif /* defined(_XPG7) || !defined(_STRICT_SYMBOLS) */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _WCTYPE_H */