PSARC/2009/099 dladm show-usage modifications
6726676 flow should not be seen by flowadm show-usage after the flow been removed by flowadm remove-flow
6766669 "dladm show-vnic -o" can't accept MACADDRESS
6773854 Per Tx ring flow control for UDP
6777547 mac_tx() should compute the hash if the passed hint is zero
6778557 nxge m_tx() should fanout to multiple rings for vnet scalability
6779356 sometimes packets are not classified to the correct flow
6783011 pre-existing subflows not initialized on a non-dls client when brought up
6786734 acctadm dladm_start_usagelog() calls need some work
6789760 mac perimeter deadlock due to dls_devnet_stat_update()
6789883 dladm show-link -s is adrift again.
6791099 mac_tx() frees the message but returns non-NULL cookie which causes panic
6791109 maxbw set on a link should not apply if this link is the underlying port of an aggregation
6791118 panic in mac_bcast_delete() unplumbing an IP interface
6791456 deleting last vnic interface causes bge interface to stop working
6791678 xvm guests don't communicate through vnics configured on vlan
6792164 race between mac_tx_is_flow_blocked() and mac_srs_group_teardown() could cause panic
6792546 paniced in bge_ring_tx()/freemsg() due to mp->b_next == NULL && mp->b_prev == NULL
6792555 paniced in mac_flow_walk_nolock() due to assertion failed: cnt == ft->ft_flow_count
6792871 multiple VLANs per MAC client cause hang in mac_flow_wait()
6792942 60% regression for Guest-to-Guest network throughput on snv106
6793278 the multicast addresses are not added to the aggregation port in certain scenarios
6793436 panic in mac_fini_macaddr() on mac_register() failure
6796850 SUNWcnetr postinstall script spews errors due to bad interface matching
6803378 need support for dls_bypass and rx fanout on non-ethernet media
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