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# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
# You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
# or
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
# and limitations under the License.
# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
# file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
# If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
# fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
# information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
# Copyright 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Use is subject to license terms.
# Copyright (c) 2012 by Delphix. All rights reserved.
# Copyright 2015 Nexenta Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Copyright 2018 Joyent, Inc.
# WARNING: Do not include Makefile.ctf here. That will cause tests to
# break.
include $(SRC)/Makefile.master
include ../
SNOOPDIR = $(SRC)/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/snoop
SNOOPOBJS = nfs4_xdr.o
RPCSVCDIR = $(SRC)/head/rpcsvc
RPCSVCOBJS = nfs_prot.o
CLOBBERFILES += usdt/forker.h usdt/lazyprobe.h
fasttrap/tst.fasttrap.exe := LDLIBS += -ldtrace
fasttrap/tst.stack.exe := LDLIBS += -ldtrace
sysevent/ := LDLIBS += -lsysevent
sysevent/tst.post_chan.exe := LDLIBS += -lsysevent
ustack/tst.bigstack.exe := COPTFLAG += -xO1
nfs/%.o: $(SNOOPDIR)/%.c
$(COMPILE.c) -o $@ $< -I$(SNOOPDIR)
nfs/ nfs/ nfs/$(SNOOPOBJS)
$(LINK.c) -o $@ nfs/ nfs/$(SNOOPOBJS) $(LDLIBS) -lnsl
$(RPCGEN) -Cc $< > $@
nfs/tst.call3.exe: nfs/tst.call3.o nfs/$(RPCSVCOBJS)
$(LINK.c) -o $@ nfs/tst.call3.o nfs/$(RPCSVCOBJS) \
$(LDLIBS) -lnsl -lrpcsvc
json/tst.usdt.o: json/usdt.h
json/usdt.h: json/usdt.d
$(DTRACE) -h -s json/usdt.d -o json/usdt.h
CLOBBERFILES += json/usdt.h
json/usdt.o: json/usdt.d json/tst.usdt.o
$(COMPILE.d) -o json/usdt.o -s json/usdt.d json/tst.usdt.o
json/tst.usdt.exe: json/tst.usdt.o json/usdt.o
$(LINK.c) -o json/tst.usdt.exe json/tst.usdt.o json/usdt.o $(LDLIBS)
# Tests that use the next three programs rely on the binaries having
# valid CTF data.
uctf/tst.aouttype.exe: uctf/tst.aouttype.c
$(COMPILE.c) $(CTF_FLAGS) -o uctf/tst.aouttype.o uctf/tst.aouttype.c
$(CTFCONVERT) -i -L VERSION uctf/tst.aouttype.o
$(LINK.c) -o uctf/tst.aouttype.exe uctf/tst.aouttype.o $(LDLIBS)
$(CTFMERGE) -L VERSION -o $@ uctf/tst.aouttype.o
uctf/tst.chasestrings.exe: uctf/tst.chasestrings.c
$(COMPILE.c) $(CTF_FLAGS) -o uctf/tst.chasestrings.o uctf/tst.chasestrings.c
$(CTFCONVERT) -i -L VERSION uctf/tst.chasestrings.o
$(LINK.c) -o uctf/tst.chasestrings.exe uctf/tst.chasestrings.o $(LDLIBS)
$(CTFMERGE) -L VERSION -o $@ uctf/tst.chasestrings.o
uctf/tst.printtype.exe: uctf/tst.printtype.c
$(COMPILE.c) $(CTF_FLAGS) -o uctf/tst.printtype.o uctf/tst.printtype.c
$(CTFCONVERT) -i -L VERSION uctf/tst.printtype.o
$(LINK.c) -o uctf/tst.printtype.exe uctf/tst.printtype.o $(LDLIBS)
$(CTFMERGE) -L VERSION -o $@ uctf/tst.printtype.o
# This program should never have any ctf data in it.
$(LINK.c) -o uctf/tst.libtype.exe uctf/tst.libtype.c $(LDLIBS)
usdt/tst.args.exe: usdt/tst.args.o usdt/args.o
$(LINK.c) -o usdt/tst.args.exe usdt/tst.args.o usdt/args.o $(LDLIBS)
usdt/args.o: usdt/args.d usdt/tst.args.o
$(COMPILE.d) -o usdt/args.o -s usdt/args.d usdt/tst.args.o
usdt/tst.argmap.exe: usdt/tst.argmap.o usdt/argmap.o
$(LINK.c) -o usdt/tst.argmap.exe \
usdt/tst.argmap.o usdt/argmap.o $(LDLIBS)
usdt/argmap.o: usdt/argmap.d usdt/tst.argmap.o
$(COMPILE.d) -o usdt/argmap.o -s usdt/argmap.d usdt/tst.argmap.o
usdt/tst.forker.exe: usdt/tst.forker.o usdt/forker.o
$(LINK.c) -o usdt/tst.forker.exe \
usdt/tst.forker.o usdt/forker.o $(LDLIBS)
usdt/forker.o: usdt/forker.d usdt/tst.forker.o
$(COMPILE.d) -o usdt/forker.o -s usdt/forker.d usdt/tst.forker.o
usdt/tst.forker.o: usdt/forker.h
usdt/forker.h: usdt/forker.d
$(DTRACE) -h -s usdt/forker.d -o usdt/forker.h
usdt/tst.lazyprobe.exe: usdt/tst.lazyprobe.o usdt/lazyprobe.o
$(LINK.c) -o usdt/tst.lazyprobe.exe \
usdt/tst.lazyprobe.o usdt/lazyprobe.o $(LDLIBS)
usdt/lazyprobe.o: usdt/lazyprobe.d usdt/tst.lazyprobe.o
$(COMPILE.d) -xlazyload -o usdt/lazyprobe.o \
-s usdt/lazyprobe.d usdt/tst.lazyprobe.o
usdt/tst.lazyprobe.o: usdt/lazyprobe.h
usdt/lazyprobe.h: usdt/lazyprobe.d
$(DTRACE) -h -s usdt/lazyprobe.d -o usdt/lazyprobe.h
SUBDIRS = java_api
include ../../Makefile.subdirs