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# Common Development and Distribution License, Version 1.0 only
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# Copyright 2015 OmniTI Computer Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Copyright (c) 2017, Joyent, Inc.
# Copyright 2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Use is subject to license terms.
# The SMBIOS interfaces defined in <sys/smbios.h> include a set of integer-to-
# string conversion routines for the various constants defined in the SMBIOS
# spec. These functions are used by smbios(1M) and prtdiag(1M) and can be
# leveraged by other clients as well. To simplify maintenance of the source
# base, this shell script automatically generates the source code for all of
# these functions from the <sys/smbios.h> header file and its comments. Each
# set of constants should be given a unique #define prefix, listed in the
# tables below. The smbios_*_name() functions return the identifier of the
# cpp define, and the smbios_*_desc() functions return the text of the comment.
SMB_BBFL_ smbios_bboard_flag_name uint_t
SMB_BIOSFL_ smbios_bios_flag_name uint64_t
SMB_BIOSXB1_ smbios_bios_xb1_name uint_t
SMB_BIOSXB2_ smbios_bios_xb2_name uint_t
SMB_CAT_ smbios_cache_ctype_name uint_t
SMB_CAF_ smbios_cache_flag_name uint_t
SMB_EVFL_ smbios_evlog_flag_name uint_t
SMB_IPMI_F_ smbios_ipmi_flag_name uint_t
SMB_POWERSUP_F_ smbios_powersup_flag_name uint_t
SMB_MDF_ smbios_memdevice_flag_name uint_t
SMB_PRC_ smbios_processor_core_flag_name uint_t
SMB_TYPE_ smbios_type_name uint_t
SMB_SLCH1_ smbios_slot_ch1_name uint_t
SMB_SLCH2_ smbios_slot_ch2_name uint_t
SMB_BBFL_ smbios_bboard_flag_desc uint_t
SMB_BBT_ smbios_bboard_type_desc uint_t
SMB_BIOSFL_ smbios_bios_flag_desc uint64_t
SMB_BIOSXB1_ smbios_bios_xb1_desc uint_t
SMB_BIOSXB2_ smbios_bios_xb2_desc uint_t
SMB_BOOT_ smbios_boot_desc uint_t
SMB_CAA_ smbios_cache_assoc_desc uint_t
SMB_CAT_ smbios_cache_ctype_desc uint_t
SMB_CAE_ smbios_cache_ecc_desc uint_t
SMB_CAF_ smbios_cache_flag_desc uint_t
SMB_CAL_ smbios_cache_loc_desc uint_t
SMB_CAG_ smbios_cache_logical_desc uint_t
SMB_CAM_ smbios_cache_mode_desc uint_t
SMB_CHST_ smbios_chassis_state_desc uint_t
SMB_CHT_ smbios_chassis_type_desc uint_t
SMB_COOLDEV_S_ smbios_cooldev_status_desc uint_t
SMB_COOLDEV_T_ smbios_cooldev_type_desc uint_t
SMB_EVFL_ smbios_evlog_flag_desc uint_t
SMB_EVHF_ smbios_evlog_format_desc uint_t
SMB_EVM_ smbios_evlog_method_desc uint_t
SMB_HWSEC_PS_ smbios_hwsec_desc uint_t
SMB_IPMI_F_ smbios_ipmi_flag_desc uint_t
SMB_IPMI_T_ smbios_ipmi_type_desc uint_t
SMB_IPROBE_L_ smbios_iprobe_loc_desc uint_t
SMB_IPROBE_S_ smbios_iprobe_status_desc uint_t
SMB_POWERSUP_F_ smbios_powersup_flag_desc uint_t
SMB_POWERSUP_I_ smbios_powersup_input_desc uint_t
SMB_POWERSUP_S_ smbios_powersup_status_desc uint_t
SMB_POWERSUP_T_ smbios_powersup_type_desc uint_t
SMB_MAL_ smbios_memarray_loc_desc uint_t
SMB_MAU_ smbios_memarray_use_desc uint_t
SMB_MAE_ smbios_memarray_ecc_desc uint_t
SMB_MDF_ smbios_memdevice_flag_desc uint_t
SMB_MDFF_ smbios_memdevice_form_desc uint_t
SMB_MDT_ smbios_memdevice_type_desc uint_t
SMB_MDR_ smbios_memdevice_rank_desc uint_t
SMB_OBT_ smbios_onboard_type_desc uint_t
SMB_POC_ smbios_port_conn_desc uint_t
SMB_POT_ smbios_port_type_desc uint_t
SMB_PRC_ smbios_processor_core_flag_desc uint_t
SMB_PRF_ smbios_processor_family_desc uint_t
SMB_PRS_ smbios_processor_status_desc uint_t
SMB_PRT_ smbios_processor_type_desc uint_t
SMB_PRU_ smbios_processor_upgrade_desc uint_t
SMB_SLCH1_ smbios_slot_ch1_desc uint_t
SMB_SLCH2_ smbios_slot_ch2_desc uint_t
SMB_SLL_ smbios_slot_length_desc uint_t
SMB_SLT_ smbios_slot_type_desc uint_t
SMB_SLU_ smbios_slot_usage_desc uint_t
SMB_SLW_ smbios_slot_width_desc uint_t
SMB_TPROBE_L_ smbios_tprobe_loc_desc uint_t
SMB_TPROBE_S_ smbios_tprobe_status_desc uint_t
SMB_TYPE_ smbios_type_desc uint_t
SMB_VPROBE_L_ smbios_vprobe_loc_desc uint_t
SMB_VPROBE_S_ smbios_vprobe_status_desc uint_t
SMB_WAKEUP_ smbios_system_wakeup_desc uint_t
if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 file.h > file.c" >&2
exit 2
echo "\
* Copyright 2015 OmniTI Computer Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.\n\
* Copyright 2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.\n\
* Use is subject to license terms.\n\
#include <smbios.h>"
echo "$name_funcs" | while read p name type; do
[ -z "$p" ] && continue
pattern="^#define[ ]\($p[A-Za-z0-9_]*\)[ ]*[A-Z0-9]*.*$"
replace=' case \1: return ("\1");'
echo "\nconst char *\n$name($type x)\n{\n\tswitch (x) {"
sed -n "s@$pattern@$replace@p" < $1 || exit 1
echo "\t}\n\treturn (NULL);\n}"
# Generate the description functions based on the comment next to a #define.
# The transformations for descriptive comments are slightly more complicated
# than those used for the identifier->name functions above:
# (1) strip any [RO] suffix from the comment (a header file convention)
# (2) replace any " with \" so it is escaped for the final output string
# (3) replace return (...); with return ("..."); to finish the code
echo "$desc_funcs" | while read p name type; do
[ -z "$p" ] && continue
pattern="^#define[ ]\($p[A-Za-z0-9_]*\)[ ]*.*/\\* \(.*\) \\*/$"
replace=' case \1: return (\2);'
echo "\nconst char *\n$name($type x)\n{\n\tswitch (x) {"
sed -n "s@$pattern@$replace@p" < $1 | sed 's/ ([RO]))/)/' | \
sed 's/"/\\"/g' | sed 's/(/("/;s/);$/");/' || exit 1
echo "\t}\n\treturn (NULL);\n}"
exit 0