4936761 setting <if>:ip_forwarding to current value returns EINVAL
4956997 DL_{EN,DIS}ABMULTI_REQ handling in IP is out-of-order
6508703 ill_dl_up() harboring a bogus comment
6515838 qwriter_ip() callers combat real and perceived interface issues
6515845 ill_set_phys_addr_tail() assumes non-zero error is EINPROGRESS
6515847 ipsq_clean_ring() and ipsq_clean_all() are misnamed
6515851 ipif_remove() would be useful
6515853 ill_forward_set() signature is needlessly awkward
6515857 qwriter_ip() callers often specify CUR_OP when NEW_OP is meant
6516276 DL_IOC_HDR_INFO and [O]SIOCGTUNPARAM have bogus calls to qwriter_ip()
6516277 IP's DLPI message handling facility has holes
6520830 <net/if.h> IFF_MULTICAST comment is a long way from home
6522958 IP's DL_DETACH_REQ handling is broken and pointless
6522960 IP's M_FLUSH handling is damaged
6524284 ill_ipif_up_count and ipif_next synchronization comments are wrong
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