6265494 assertion failed: sqp != NULL, file: ../../common/inet/squeue.c, line: 715
6266870 assertion failed: cr != NULL, file: ../../common/os/strsubr.c, line: 8437
6266950 tcp_closemp reuse causes assertion failure in squeue code
6379249 SDT probes in CONN_INC_REF and CONN_DEC_REF should be where conn_lock is held
6402737 IP spends too much time identifying bad remote host when under SYN attack
6404207 tcp_clean_death() gets called twice for an eager
6408242 access to freed tcp_t in tcp_close()
6412077 missing CONN_DEC_REF in tcp_conn_request()
6415132 conn_recv should be set before insering a conn_t in a hash table
6448747 A tcp connection can be queued again for tcp TIMEWAIT processing
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