6242262 ON should be buildable with gcc
6268345 fmd is insufficiently careful with alignment
6271070 gcc and cmd/fm don't get along
6272173 cpumem diag module writes to constant memory, crashing fmd
6273907 gcc and cmd/syseventd don't get along
6308057 gcc and sgs/dis don't get along on SPARC
6359863 the C preprocessor is still feeling abused by token pasting
6359868 gcc and cmd/stmsboot still don't get along
6359878 gcc and lib/smartcard don't get along on sparc
6361816 gcc and perl don't get along
6370832 kernel should agree on C99 mode for studio and gcc
6372728 gcc and sata don't get along
6390345 cw inserts garbage when used as a preprocessor
6397680 gcc and smbios are not getting along
6399113 meta_namespace.c uses worrisome construct and is not gcc friendly
6403999 cw is ugly and hairy and needs a man
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