PSARC/2009/505 IRM Framework Extension(s)
PSARC/2009/665 Pcitool Extensions
6669984 Solaris x86 need to provide large number of interrupt vectors for MSI/MSI-x
6866130 Interrupt Resource Management (IRM) support on x86 platforms
6876744 Need a new mdb debugger module for the new apix PSM
6881939 decouple current i86xpv interrupt implementation from i86pc
6916041 Pcitool Enhancement(1M) for the new apix PSM on X86
6957091 update pcitool(1m) manpage for 6916041

rename : usr/src/cmd/mdb/i86pc/modules/pcplusmp/apic.c => usr/src/cmd/mdb/i86pc/modules/pcplusmp/pcplusmp.c
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