PSARC 2009/306 Brussels II - ipadm and libipadm
PSARC 2010/080 Brussels II addendum
6827318 Brussels Phase II aka ipadm(1m)
6731945 need BSD getifaddrs() API
6909065 explicitly disallow non-contiguous netmasks in the next minor release
6853922 ifconfig dumps core when ether address is non-hexadecimal.
6815806 ipReasmTimeout value should be variable
6567083 nd_getset has some dead and confusing code.
6884466 remove unused tcp/sctp ndd tunables
6928813 Comments at odds with default value of tcp_time_wait_interval
6236982 ifconfig usesrc lets adapter use itself as source address
6936855 modifying the ip6_strict_src_multihoming to non-zero value will unbind V4 IREs
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