PSARC/2006/358 VLAN Observability Enhancement
4095699 snoop: add support for 802.1Q VLAN tagging
6292043 DL_PROMISC_SAP should see *all* traffic, not just untagged traffic on GLDv2 links
6306794 GLDv2 drivers incorrectly strip the VLAN tag in raw mode
6309233 GLDv3 drivers incorrectly process VLAN packets in raw mode
6375633 GLDv2 processes DL_PROMISC{ON,OFF}_REQ incorrectly
6425678 DL_PROMISC_SAP should make all VLAN traffic visible on physical GLDv3 links
6434082 Enhance snoop's VLAN filtering capability
6434130 i_dls_ether_header() doesn't generate VLAN header when priority is non-zero
6436003 QoS should be supported on non VLAN streams as well
6438679 GLDv3 doesn't respect QoS priorities in some cases
6442753 GLDv2/GLDv3 has several VLAN packet processing issues
6453746 Change definition of enprintf in pfmod.c
6457476 GLDv2 kstats are not MT-protected, could cause missing increment in some cases
6464397 mac_header_{cook,uncook}() failure can cause a message to be freed twice
38 files changed
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