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#include <sys/asm_linkage.h>
.file "mach-crt1.s"
.ident ""
/* global entities defined elsewhere but used here */
.globl _start_crt
* C language startup routine.
* Assume that exec code has cleared the direction flag in the TSS.
* Assume that %esp is set to the addr after the last word pushed.
* The stack contains (in order): argc, argv[],envp[],...
* Assume that all of the segment registers are initialized.
* Allocate a NULL return address and a NULL previous %ebp as if
* there was a genuine call to _start.
* debugger stack trace shows _start(argc,argv[0],argv[1],...,envp[0],...)
pushl $0
pushl $0
movl %esp,%ebp /* The first stack frame */
* The stack needs to be 16-byte aligned with a 4-byte bias. See
* comment in lib/libc/i386/gen/makectxt.c.
* Note: If you change it, you need to change it in the following
* files as well:
* - lib/libc/i386/threads/machdep.c
* - lib/libc/i386/gen/makectxt.c
* - lib/crt/i386/crti.s
andl $-16,%esp /* make main() and exit() be called with */
subl $4,%esp /* a properly aligned stack pointer */
pushl %edx /* possible atexit handler */
leal 12(%ebp),%edx /* argv */
movl 8(%ebp),%eax /* argc */
pushl %edx
pushl %eax
call _start_crt
#include "fsr.s"
* The following is here in case any object module compiled with cc -p
* was linked into this module.
.weak _mcount