PSARC 2006/073 PF_ROUTE: Include interface name with  RTM_NEWADDR/RTM_DELADDR
4963315 Should make IKE work for non-global zones
4984263 in.iked removes server entities when unnumbered interfaces go away
5024997 system daemons need a way to receive packets from all zones
6218993 PF_ROUTE: RTM_NEWADDR/RTM_DELADDR should include interface name via RTA_IFP
6422023 sctp doesn't need shadow copies of conn_t socket option bits
6426542 Comment about ipp_use_min_mtu got lost and wandered into conn_t
6430869 in.iked should ignore loopback addresses, not loopback interfaces
6438186 SCTP handling of getsockopt( .. SO_MAC_EXEMPT) is oddly inconsistent with TCP, UDP
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