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#ifndef _ADAPTOR_H
#define _ADAPTOR_H
#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
* The API used by the BSD print protocol adaptor to glue the front end
* request receiving code to the back end request fufilling code.
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define ADAPTOR_PATH "/etc/print/bsd-adaptor,/usr/lib/print/bsd-adaptor"
#define NS_KEY_ADAPTOR_PATH "spooling-type-path"
#define NS_KEY_ADAPTOR_NAME "spooling-type"
#define CASCADE "cascade"
#define LPSCHED "lpsched"
extern int adaptor_available(const char *printer);
extern int adaptor_spooler_available(const char *printer);
extern int adaptor_spooler_accepting_jobs(const char *printer);
extern int adaptor_client_access(const char *printer, const char *host,
int peerfd);
extern int adaptor_restart_printer(const char *printer);
extern char *adaptor_temp_dir(const char *printer, const char *host);
extern int adaptor_submit_job(const char *printer, const char *host,
char *cf, char **df_list);
extern int adaptor_show_queue(const char *printer, FILE *ofp,
const int type, char **list);
extern int adaptor_cancel_job(const char *printer, FILE *ofp,
const char *user, const char *host,
char **list);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _ADAPTOR_H */