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* Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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* or
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions
* and limitations under the License.
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* Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
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#ifndef _PAPI_IMPL_H
#define _PAPI_IMPL_H
#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#include <papi.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
/* lpsched include files */
#include <lp.h>
#include <msgs.h>
#include <printers.h>
#include <requests.h>
* Implementation specific types/prototypes/definitions follow
* Ex:
typedef struct {
papi_attribute_t **attributes;
int (*authCB)(papi_service_t svc);
void *app_data;
MESG *md;
char *msgbuf;
size_t msgbuf_size;
} service_t;
typedef struct job {
papi_attribute_t **attributes; /* job attributes */
} job_t;
typedef struct {
papi_attribute_t **attributes; /* queue attributes */
} printer_t;
typedef struct {
int fd;
REQUEST *request;
char *meta_data_file;
char added;
} job_stream_t;
extern void lpsched_read_job_configuration(service_t *svc, job_t *j,
char *file);
extern void lpsched_request_to_job(REQUEST *r, job_t *j);
extern void job_status_to_attributes(job_t *job, char *req_id, char *user,
char *slabel, size_t size, time_t date,
short state, char *destination, char *form,
char *charset, short rank, char *file);
extern papi_status_t addLPString(papi_attribute_t ***list,
int flags, char *name, char *value);
extern papi_status_t addLPStrings(papi_attribute_t ***list,
int flags, char *name, char **values);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_printer_configuration_to_attributes(
service_t *svc, printer_t *p, char *dest);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_class_configuration_to_attributes(service_t *svc,
printer_t *p, char *dest);
extern papi_status_t class_status_to_attributes(printer_t *p, char *printer,
short status, char *reject_reason, long reject_date);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_disable_printer(papi_service_t svc,
const char *printer, const char *message);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_enable_printer(papi_service_t svc,
const char *printer);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_status_to_papi_status(int status);
extern papi_status_t job_attributes_to_lpsched_request(papi_service_t svc,
REQUEST *r, papi_attribute_t **attributes);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_alloc_files(papi_service_t svc, int number,
char **prefix);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_commit_job(papi_service_t svc, char *job,
char **tmp);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_start_change(papi_service_t svc,
const char *printer, int32_t job_id, char **tmp);
extern papi_status_t lpsched_end_change(papi_service_t svc,
const char *printer, int32_t job_id);
extern papi_status_t printer_status_to_attributes(printer_t *p, char *printer,
char *form, char *character_set, char *reject_reason,
char *disable_reason, short status, char *request_id, long enable_date,
long reject_date);
extern void lpsched_service_information(printer_t *p);
extern void lpsched_request_to_job_attributes(REQUEST *r, job_t *j);
extern void detailed_error(service_t *svc, char *fmt, ...);
extern char *banner_type(unsigned short banner);
extern char *mime_type_to_lp_type(char *mime_type);
extern char *lp_type_to_mime_type(char *lp_type);
extern char *fifo_name_from_uri(const char *uri);
extern char *printer_name_from_uri_id(const char *uri, int32_t id);
extern int snd_msg(service_t *svc, int type, ...);
extern int rcv_msg(service_t *svc, int type, ...);
extern int list_append();
extern void list_remove();
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _PAPI_IMPL_H */