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#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
* ldapaddent.h
* common declarations for ldapaddent utility
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#undef GROUP
#undef GROUP_OBJ
#include <nss_dbdefs.h>
#include <ns_sldap.h>
#include <nis_dhext.h>
extern unsigned flags;
#define F_VERBOSE 0x1
#define F_PASSWD 0x2
#define BIGBUF 8192
#define BUFSIZ 1024
#define LDAP_MAXNAMELEN 1024
#define GENENT_OK 0
#define GENENT_CBERR 2
#define GENENT_ERR 3
#define PARSE_ERR_MSG_LEN 512
extern char parse_err_msg[PARSE_ERR_MSG_LEN];
extern int continue_onerror; /* do not exit on error */
struct line_buf {
char *str;
int len;
int alloc;
struct file_loc {
off_t offset;
size_t size;
extern int genent_user_attr(char *line, int (*cback)());
extern int genent_prof_attr(char *line, int (*cback)());
extern int genent_exec_attr(char *line, int (*cback)());
extern int genent_auth_attr(char *line, int (*cback)());
extern int genent_audit_user(char *line, int (*cback)());
extern int genent_tnrhdb(char *line, int (*cback)());
extern int genent_tnrhtp(char *line, int (*cback)());
extern void dump_user_attr(ns_ldap_result_t *res);
extern void dump_prof_attr(ns_ldap_result_t *res);
extern void dump_exec_attr(ns_ldap_result_t *res);
extern void dump_auth_attr(ns_ldap_result_t *res);
extern void dump_audit_user(ns_ldap_result_t *res);
extern void dump_tnrhdb(ns_ldap_result_t *res);
extern void dump_tnrhtp(ns_ldap_result_t *res);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _LDAPADDENT_H */