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#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#include <devfsadm.h>
#include <strings.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <bsm/devalloc.h>
extern int system_labeled;
static int tape_process(di_minor_t minor, di_node_t node);
static devfsadm_create_t tape_cbt[] = {
{ "tape", "ddi_byte:tape", NULL,
TYPE_EXACT, ILEVEL_0, tape_process
#define TAPE_LINK_RE "^rmt/[0-9]+[cbhlmnu]*"
static devfsadm_remove_t tape_remove_cbt[] = {
{ "tape", TAPE_LINK_RE, RM_PRE, ILEVEL_0, devfsadm_rm_all
* This function is called for every tape minor node.
* Calls enumerate to assign a logical tape id, and then
* devfsadm_mklink to make the link.
static int
tape_process(di_minor_t minor, di_node_t node)
int flags = 0;
char l_path[PATH_MAX + 1];
char *buf;
char *mn;
char *devfspath;
devfsadm_enumerate_t rules[1] = {"rmt/([0-9]+)", 1, MATCH_ADDR};
mn = di_minor_name(minor);
if ((mn != NULL) && (*mn >= '0') && (*mn <= '9')) {
* first character cannot be a digit as it would combine
* with the tape instance number to make an ambiguous quantity.
devfspath = di_devfs_path(node);
(void) strcpy(l_path, devfspath);
(void) strcat(l_path, ":");
(void) strcat(l_path, mn);
* devfsadm_enumerate finds the logical tape id from the physical path,
* omitting minor name field. The logical tape id is returned in buf.
if (devfsadm_enumerate_int(l_path, 0, &buf, rules, 1)) {
(void) strcpy(l_path, "rmt/");
(void) strcat(l_path, buf);
(void) strcat(l_path, mn);
if (system_labeled)
flags = DA_ADD|DA_TAPE;
(void) devfsadm_mklink(l_path, node, minor, flags);