PSARC/2005/469 X86 Energy Star compliance
PSARC/2006/632 PSMI extension for state save and restore
6330209 nge needs to support DDI_SUSPEND/DDI_RESUME
6381827 Suspend to RAM on x86
6393154 audio810 needs to support DDI_SUSPEND/DDI_RESUME
6397047 fd, fdc needs to support Suspend/Resume
6401974 cannot enter S3 with ohci PME enable set on Tyan 2865 with Sun or Tyan 2.01 BIOS
6422613 memscrubber doesn't re-acquire lock before CALLB_CPR_EXIT
6455736 ata/dadk/cmdk should support DDI_SUSPEND/DDI_RESUME
6511370 CPR on SPARC regression
6586018 TODOP Macros in i86pc/sys/machclock.h not in sun4u/sun4v equivilent (Sparc only)
6610124 It takes more than 3 minutes after printing "pci_pre_resume nv_sata:0"
6617143 powerd/pmconfig emits a different default message for an existing on or off action.

rename : usr/src/cmd/power/power.conf => usr/src/cmd/power/power.conf.sparc
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