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* Copyright 1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms.
/* Copyright (c) 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 AT&T */
/* All Rights Reserved */
* Copyright (c) 1980 Regents of the University of California.
* All rights reserved. The Berkeley software License Agreement
* specifies the terms and conditions for redistribution.
#ifndef _CURSES_H
#define _CURSES_H
#pragma ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifndef WINDOW
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sgtty.h>
#undef HZ /* in case they've included <sys/param.h> */
#if !(defined(__cplusplus) && defined(_BOOL))
#define bool char
#define reg register
#define TRUE (1)
#define FALSE (0)
#define ERR (0)
#define OK (1)
#define _ENDLINE 001
#define _FULLWIN 002
#define _SCROLLWIN 004
#define _FLUSH 010
#define _FULLLINE 020
#define _IDLINE 040
#define _STANDOUT 0200
#define _NOCHANGE -1
#define _puts(s) tputs(s, 0, _putchar)
typedef struct sgttyb SGTTY;
* Capabilities from termcap
extern bool AM, BS, CA, DA, DB, EO, HC, HZ, IN, MI, MS, NC, NS, OS, UL,
extern char *AL, *BC, *BT, *CD, *CE, *CL, *CM, *CR, *CS, *DC, *DL,
*DM, *DO, *ED, *EI, *K0, *K1, *K2, *K3, *K4, *K5, *K6,
*K7, *K8, *K9, *HO, *IC, *IM, *IP, *KD, *KE, *KH, *KL,
*KR, *KS, *KU, *LL, *MA, *ND, *NL, *RC, *SC, *SE, *SF,
*SO, *SR, *TA, *TE, *TI, *UC, *UE, *UP, *US, *VB, *VS,
extern char PC;
* From the tty modes...
extern bool GT, NONL, UPPERCASE, normtty, _pfast;
struct _win_st {
short _cury, _curx;
short _maxy, _maxx;
short _begy, _begx;
short _flags;
short _ch_off;
bool _clear;
bool _leave;
bool _scroll;
char **_y;
short *_firstch;
short *_lastch;
struct _win_st *_nextp, *_orig;
#define WINDOW struct _win_st
extern bool My_term, _echoit, _rawmode, _endwin;
extern char *Def_term, ttytype[50];
extern int LINES, COLS, _tty_ch, _res_flg;
extern SGTTY _tty;
extern WINDOW *stdscr, *curscr;
#define VOID(x) (x)
* pseudo functions for standard screen
#define addch(ch) VOID(waddch(stdscr, ch))
#define getch() VOID(wgetch(stdscr))
#define addstr(str) VOID(waddstr(stdscr, str))
#define getstr(str) VOID(wgetstr(stdscr, str))
#define move(y, x) VOID(wmove(stdscr, y, x))
#define clear() VOID(wclear(stdscr))
#define erase() VOID(werase(stdscr))
#define clrtobot() VOID(wclrtobot(stdscr))
#define clrtoeol() VOID(wclrtoeol(stdscr))
#define insertln() VOID(winsertln(stdscr))
#define deleteln() VOID(wdeleteln(stdscr))
#define refresh() VOID(wrefresh(stdscr))
#define inch() VOID(winch(stdscr))
#define insch(c) VOID(winsch(stdscr, c))
#define delch() VOID(wdelch(stdscr))
#define standout() VOID(wstandout(stdscr))
#define standend() VOID(wstandend(stdscr))
* mv functions
#define mvwaddch(win, y, x, ch) VOID(wmove(win, y, x) == ERR ? \
ERR:waddch(win, ch))
#define mvwgetch(win, y, x) VOID(wmove(win, y, x) == ERR?ERR:wgetch(win))
#define mvwaddstr(win, y, x, str) VOID(wmove(win, y, x) == ERR? \
ERR:waddstr(win, str))
#define mvwgetstr(win, y, x, str) VOID(wmove(win, y, x) == ERR? \
ERR:wgetstr(win, str))
#define mvwinch(win, y, x) VOID(wmove(win, y, x) == ERR ? ERR : winch(win))
#define mvwdelch(win, y, x) VOID(wmove(win, y, x) == ERR ? \
ERR : wdelch(win))
#define mvwinsch(win, y, x, c) VOID(wmove(win, y, x) == ERR ? \
ERR:winsch(win, c))
#define mvaddch(y, x, ch) mvwaddch(stdscr, y, x, ch)
#define mvgetch(y, x) mvwgetch(stdscr, y, x)
#define mvaddstr(y, x, str) mvwaddstr(stdscr, y, x, str)
#define mvgetstr(y, x, str) mvwgetstr(stdscr, y, x, str)
#define mvinch(y, x) mvwinch(stdscr, y, x)
#define mvdelch(y, x) mvwdelch(stdscr, y, x)
#define mvinsch(y, x, c) mvwinsch(stdscr, y, x, c)
* pseudo functions
#define clearok(win, bf) (win->_clear = bf)
#define leaveok(win, bf) (win->_leave = bf)
#define scrollok(win, bf) (win->_scroll = bf)
#define flushok(win, bf) (bf ? (win->_flags |= _FLUSH): \
(win->_flags &= ~_FLUSH))
#define getyx(win, y, x) y = win->_cury, x = win->_curx
#define winch(win) (win->_y[win->_cury][win->_curx] & 0177)
#define raw() (_tty.sg_flags |= RAW, _pfast = _rawmode = TRUE, \
(void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define noraw() (_tty.sg_flags &= ~RAW, _rawmode = FALSE, \
_pfast = !(_tty.sg_flags & CRMOD), (void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define cbreak() (_tty.sg_flags |= CBREAK, _rawmode = TRUE, \
(void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define nocbreak() (_tty.sg_flags &= ~CBREAK, _rawmode = FALSE, \
(void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define crmode() cbreak() /* backwards compatability */
#define nocrmode() nocbreak() /* backwards compatability */
#define echo() (_tty.sg_flags |= ECHO, _echoit = TRUE, \
(void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define noecho() (_tty.sg_flags &= ~ECHO, _echoit = FALSE, \
(void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define nl() (_tty.sg_flags |= CRMOD, _pfast = _rawmode, \
(void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define nonl() (_tty.sg_flags &= ~CRMOD, _pfast = TRUE, \
(void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define savetty() ((void) gtty(_tty_ch, &_tty), _res_flg = _tty.sg_flags)
#define resetty() (_tty.sg_flags = _res_flg, (void) stty(_tty_ch, &_tty))
#define erasechar() (_tty.sg_erase)
#define killchar() (_tty.sg_kill)
#define baudrate() (_tty.sg_ospeed)
* chtype is the type used to store a character together with attributes.
* It can be set to "char" to save space, or "int" to get more attributes.
#ifdef CHTYPE
typedef CHTYPE chtype;
typedef unsigned int chtype;
#ifndef __STDC__
WINDOW *initscr(), *newwin(), *subwin();
char *longname(), *getcap();
extern WINDOW *initscr(void);
extern WINDOW *newwin(int, int, int, int);
extern WINDOW *subwin(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
extern char *longname(char *, char *);
extern char *getcap(char *);
extern char *wstandout(WINDOW *);
extern char *wstandend(WINDOW *);
extern int gettmode(void);
extern int idlok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern int box(WINDOW *, char, char);
extern int touchwin(WINDOW *);
extern int touchline(WINDOW *, int, int, int);
extern int mvcur(int, int, int, int);
extern int wmove(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int scroll(WINDOW *);
extern int werase(WINDOW *);
extern int wrefresh(WINDOW *);
extern int endwin(void);
extern int mvwin(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int delwin(WINDOW *);
extern int overlay(WINDOW *, WINDOW *);
extern int overwrite(WINDOW *, WINDOW *);
extern int winsertln(WINDOW *);
extern int wdeleteln(WINDOW *);
extern int wgetstr(WINDOW *, char *);
extern int wgetch(WINDOW *);
extern int waddch(WINDOW *, char);
extern int waddstr(WINDOW *, char *);
extern int winsch(WINDOW *, char);
extern int wdelch(WINDOW *);
extern int wclear(WINDOW *);
extern int wclrtobot(WINDOW *);
extern int wclrtoeol(WINDOW *);
extern int printw(char *, ...);
extern int wprintw(WINDOW *, char *, ...);
extern int mvprintw(int, int, char *, ...);
extern int mvwprintw(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, ...);
extern int scanw(char *, ...);
extern int wscanw(WINDOW *, char *, ...);
extern int mvscanw(int, int, char *, ...);
extern int mvwscanw(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, ...);
extern int setterm(char *);
#endif /* __STDC__ */
* Used to be in unctrl.h.
#define unctrl(c) _unctrl[(c) & 0177]
extern char *_unctrl[];
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _CURSES_H */