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# $FreeBSD$
# Unpack an ACPI CA drop and restructure it to fit the FreeBSD layout
if [ ! $# -eq 1 ]; then
echo "usage: $0 acpica_archive"
wrk="$(realpath .)/_acpi_ca_unpack"
dst="$(realpath .)/acpi_ca_destination"
# files that should keep their full directory path
fulldirs="common compiler components include os_specific"
# files to remove
stripdirs="generate libraries tests tools"
stripfiles="Makefile README accygwin.h acdragonfly.h acdragonflyex.h \
acefi.h acefiex.h achaiku.h acintel.h aclinux.h aclinuxex.h \
acmacosx.h acmsvc.h acmsvcex.h acnetbsd.h acos2.h acwin.h \
acwin64.h acwinex.h new_table.txt osbsdtbl.c osefitbl.c \
osefixf.c osfreebsdtbl.c oslinuxtbl.c osunixdir.c osunixmap.c \
oswindir.c oswintbl.c oswinxf.c readme.txt utclib.c"
# include files to canonify
src_headers="acapps.h acbuffer.h acclib.h accommon.h acconfig.h \
acdebug.h acdisasm.h acdispat.h acevents.h acexcep.h acglobal.h \
achware.h acinterp.h aclocal.h acmacros.h acnames.h acnamesp.h \
acobject.h acopcode.h acoutput.h acparser.h acpi.h acpiosxf.h \
acpixf.h acpredef.h acresrc.h acrestyp.h acstruct.h actables.h \
actbl.h actbl1.h actbl2.h actbl3.h actypes.h acutils.h acuuid.h \
amlcode.h amlresrc.h platform/acenv.h platform/acenvex.h \
platform/acfreebsd.h platform/acgcc.h"
comp_headers="aslcompiler.h asldefine.h aslglobal.h aslmessages.h \
aslsupport.l asltypes.h dtcompiler.h dttemplate.h preprocess.h"
platform_headers="acfreebsd.h acgcc.h"
# pre-clean
echo pre-clean
rm -rf ${wrk} ${dst}
mkdir -p ${wrk}
mkdir -p ${dst}
# unpack
echo unpack
tar -x -z -f ${src} -C ${wrk}
# strip files
echo strip
for i in ${stripdirs}; do
find ${wrk} -name ${i} -type d -print | xargs rm -r
for i in ${stripfiles}; do
find ${wrk} -name ${i} -type f -delete
# copy files
echo copying full dirs
for i in ${fulldirs}; do
find ${wrk} -name ${i} -type d -print | xargs -J % mv % ${dst}
echo copying remaining files
find ${wrk} -type f -print | xargs -J % mv % ${dst}
# canonify include paths
for H in ${src_headers}; do
find ${dst} -name "*.[chly]" -type f -print | \
xargs sed -i "" -e "s|[\"<]$H[\">]|\<contrib/dev/acpica/include/$H\>|g"
for H in ${comp_headers}; do
find ${dst}/common ${dst}/compiler ${dst}/components \
-name "*.[chly]" -type f | \
xargs sed -i "" -e "s|[\"<]$H[\">]|\<contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/$H\>|g"
for H in ${platform_headers}; do
find ${dst}/include/platform -name "*.h" -type f -print | \
xargs sed -i "" -e "s|[\"<]$H[\">]|\<contrib/dev/acpica/include/platform/$H\>|g"
# post-clean
echo post-clean
rm -rf ${wrk}
# assist the developer in generating a diff
echo "Directories you may want to 'svn diff':"
echo " sys/contrib/dev/acpica sys/dev/acpica \\"
echo " sys/amd64/acpica sys/i386/acpica sys/x86/acpica \\"
echo " sys/amd64/include sys/i386/include include \\"
echo " sys/boot sys/conf sys/modules/acpi usr.sbin/acpi"