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\ Menu.rc
\ Load required Forth modules
include /boot/forth/version.4th
include /boot/forth/brand.4th
include /boot/forth/menu.4th
include /boot/forth/menu-commands.4th
include /boot/forth/shortcuts.4th
\ Screen prep
clear \ clear the screen (see `screen.4th')
print_version \ print version string (bottom-right; see `version.4th')
draw-beastie \ draw freebsd mascot (on right; see `beastie.4th')
draw-brand \ draw the FreeBSD title (top-left; see `brand.4th')
menu-init \ initialize the menu area (see `menu.4th')
\ Initialize main menu constructs (see `menu.4th')
\ NOTE: To use `non-ansi' variants, add `loader_color=0' to loader.conf(5)
\ NOTE: ANSI variants can use `^' in place of literal `Esc' (ASCII 27)
set menuset_name1="main"
set mainmenu_init[1]="init_boot"
s" smartos" getenv? [if]
set mainmenu_caption[1]="Boot SmartOS [Enter]"
set maintoggled_text[1]="R[e]covery (root/root) [Enter]"
set mainansi_caption[1]="^[1mB^[moot SmartOS ^[1m[Enter]^[m"
set maintoggled_ansi[1]="R^[1me^[mcovery (root/root) ^[1m[Enter]^[m"
set mainmenu_caption[1]="Boot Multi User [Enter]"
set maintoggled_text[1]="Boot [S]ingle User [Enter]"
set mainansi_caption[1]="^[1mB^[moot Multi User ^[1m[Enter]^[m"
set maintoggled_ansi[1]="Boot ^[1mS^[mingle User ^[1m[Enter]^[m"
set mainmenu_command[1]="boot"
\ keycode set by init_boot
set mainmenu_init[2]="init_altboot"
s" smartos" getenv? [if]
set mainmenu_caption[2]="[R]ecovery (root/root)"
set maintoggled_text[2]="[B]oot SmartOS"
set mainansi_caption[2]="^[1mR^[mecovery (root/root)"
set maintoggled_ansi[2]="^[1mB^[oot SmartOS"
set mainmenu_caption[2]="Boot [S]ingle User"
set maintoggled_text[2]="Boot [M]ulti User"
set mainansi_caption[2]="Boot ^[1mS^[mingle User"
set maintoggled_ansi[2]="Boot ^[1mM^[multi User"
set mainmenu_command[2]="altboot"
\ keycode set by init_altboot
set mainmenu_caption[3]="[Esc]ape to loader prompt"
set mainmenu_command[3]="goto_prompt"
set mainmenu_keycode[3]=27
set mainansi_caption[3]="^[1mEsc^[mape to loader prompt"
\ Enable built-in "Reboot" trailing menuitem
\ NOTE: appears before menu_options if configured
set mainmenu_reboot
\ Enable "Options:" separator. When set to a numerical value (1-8), a visual
\ separator is inserted before that menuitem number.
set mainmenu_options=5
\ illumos does not have multiple kernels
\ set mainmenu_kernel=5
\ set mainmenu_command[5]="cycle_kernel"
\ set mainmenu_keycode[5]=107
set mainmenu_caption[5]="Configure Boot [O]ptions..."
set mainmenu_command[5]="2 goto_menu"
set mainmenu_keycode[5]=111
set mainansi_caption[5]="Configure Boot ^[1mO^[mptions..."
\ Boot Environments are (supported) only on ZFS
s" currdev" getenv drop 4 s" zfs:" compare 0= be-pages and [if]
set mainmenu_caption[6]="Select Boot [E]nvironment..."
set mainmenu_command[6]="3 goto_menu"
set mainmenu_keycode[6]=101
set mainansi_caption[6]="Select Boot ^[1mE^[mnvironment..."
s" chain_disk" getenv? [if]
set mainmenu_caption[7]="Chain[L]load ${chain_disk}"
set mainmenu_command[7]="chain ${chain_disk}"
set mainmenu_keycode[7]=108
set mainansi_caption[7]="Chain^[1mL^[moad ${chain_disk}"
s" chain_disk" getenv? [if]
set mainmenu_caption[6]="Chain[L]load ${chain_disk}"
set mainmenu_command[6]="chain ${chain_disk}"
set mainmenu_keycode[6]=108
set mainansi_caption[6]="Chain^[1mL^[moad ${chain_disk}"
set menuset_name2="options"
set optionsmenu_caption[1]="Back to Main Menu [Backspace]"
set optionsmenu_command[1]="1 goto_menu"
set optionsmenu_keycode[1]=8
set optionsansi_caption[1]="Back to Main Menu ^[1m[Backspace]^[m"
\ set optionsmenu_caption[2]="Load System [D]efaults"
\ set optionsmenu_command[2]="set_default_boot_options"
\ set optionsmenu_keycode[2]=100
\ set optionsansi_caption[2]="Load System ^[1mD^[mefaults"
set optionsmenu_options=2
set optionsmenu_optionstext="Boot Options:"
set optionsmenu_osconsole=2
set optionsmenu_command[2]="cycle_osconsole"
set optionsmenu_keycode[2]=99
set optionsmenu_acpi=3
set optionsmenu_command[3]="cycle_acpi"
set optionsmenu_keycode[3]=97
set optionsmenu_init[4]="init_singleuser"
set optionsmenu_caption[4]="[S]ingle User. Off"
set optionstoggled_text[4]="[S]ingle User. On"
set optionsmenu_command[4]="toggle_singleuser"
set optionsmenu_keycode[4]=115
set optionsansi_caption[4]="^[1mS^[mingle User. ^[34;1mOff^[m"
set optionstoggled_ansi[4]="^[1mS^[mingle User. ^[32;7mOn^[m"
set optionsmenu_init[5]="init_verbose"
set optionsmenu_caption[5]="[V]erbose..... off"
set optionstoggled_text[5]="[V]erbose..... On"
set optionsmenu_command[5]="toggle_verbose"
set optionsmenu_keycode[5]=118
set optionsansi_caption[5]="^[1mV^[merbose..... ^[34;1mOff^[m"
set optionstoggled_ansi[5]="^[1mV^[merbose..... ^[32;7mOn^[m"
set optionsmenu_init[6]="init_reconfigure"
set optionsmenu_caption[6]="[R]econfigure. Off"
set optionstoggled_text[6]="[R]econfigure. On"
set optionsmenu_command[6]="toggle_reconfigure"
set optionsmenu_keycode[6]=114
set optionsansi_caption[6]="^[1mR^[meconfigure. ^[34;1mOff^[m"
set optionstoggled_ansi[6]="^[1mR^[meconfigure. ^[32;7mOn^[m"
set optionsmenu_init[7]="init_kmdb"
set optionsmenu_caption[7]="k[M]db........ Off"
set optionstoggled_text[7]="k[M]db........ On"
set optionsmenu_command[7]="toggle_kmdb"
set optionsmenu_keycode[7]=109
set optionsansi_caption[7]="k^[1mm^[mdb........ ^[34;1mOff^[m"
set optionstoggled_ansi[7]="k^[1mm^[mdb........ ^[32;7mOn^[m"
set optionsmenu_init[8]="init_debug"
set optionsmenu_caption[8]="[D]ebug....... Off"
set optionstoggled_text[8]="[D]ebug....... On"
set optionsmenu_command[8]="toggle_debug"
set optionsmenu_keycode[8]=100
set optionsansi_caption[8]="^[1mD^[mebug....... ^[34;1mOff^[m"
set optionstoggled_ansi[8]="^[1mD^[mebug....... ^[32;7mOn^[m"
\ the BE list is read from pool/boot/menu.lst, the list in file
\ is ordered from oldest to most recent.
\ the BE menu will list entries from most recent to oldest,
\ so the first page in menu is last page in menu.lst
s" currdev" getenv drop 4 s" zfs:" compare 0= be-pages and [if]
set zfs_be_currpage=1
be-set-page \ set page data
set menuset_name3="bootenv"
set bootenvmenu_command[1]="be_draw_screen 1 goto_menu"
set bootenvmenu_keycode[1]=8
set bootenvmenu_keycode[2]=8
set bootenvmenu_command[2]="be_draw_screen 1 goto_menu"
set bemenu_current="Active: "
set beansi_current="^[1m${bemenu_current}^[m"
set bemenu_bootfs="bootfs: "
set beansi_bootfs="^[1m${bemenu_bootfs}^[m"
set bemenu_page="[P]age: "
set beansi_page="^[1mP^[mage: "
set bemenu_pageof=" of "
set beansi_pageof="${bemenu_pageof}"
set bootenvmenu_init="init_bootenv"
set bootenvmenu_keycode[3]=112
set bootenvmenu_command[3]="set_be_page"
set bootenvmenu_options=4
set bootenvmenu_optionstext="Boot Environments:"
\ Enable automatic booting (add ``autoboot_delay=N'' to loader.conf(5) to
\ customize the timeout; default is 10-seconds)
set menu_timeout_command="boot"
\ Include optional elements defined in a local file
try-include /boot/menu.rc.local
\ Display the main menu (see `menu.4th')
set menuset_initial=1