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* Filename: emac.h
* Definition of routine to set the MAC address.
* Revision information:
* 28AUG2004 kb_admin initial creation
* No warranty, expressed or implied, is included with this software. It is
* provided "AS IS" and no warranty of any kind including statutory or aspects
* relating to merchantability or fitness for any purpose is provided. All
* intellectual property rights of others is maintained with the respective
* owners. This software is not copyrighted and is intended for reference
* only.
* $FreeBSD$
#ifndef _EMAC_H_
#define _EMAC_H_
extern void EMAC_SetMACAddress(unsigned char addr[6]);
extern void SetServerIPAddress(unsigned address);
extern void SetLocalIPAddress(unsigned address);
extern void EMAC_Init(void);
extern void TFTP_Download(unsigned address, char *filename);
#define MAX_RX_PACKETS 8
#define RX_PACKET_SIZE 1536
#define RX_BUFFER_START 0x21000000
#define ARP_REQUEST 0x0001
#define ARP_REPLY 0x0002
#define PROTOCOL_ARP 0x0806
#define PROTOCOL_IP 0x0800
#define PROTOCOL_UDP 0x11
#define SWAP16(x) ((((x) & 0xff) << 8) | ((x) >> 8))
typedef struct {
unsigned address;
unsigned size;
} receive_descriptor_t;
typedef struct {
unsigned char dest_mac[6];
unsigned char src_mac[6];
unsigned short frame_type;
unsigned short hard_type;
unsigned short prot_type;
unsigned char hard_size;
unsigned char prot_size;
unsigned short operation;
unsigned char sender_mac[6];
unsigned char sender_ip[4];
unsigned char target_mac[6];
unsigned char target_ip[4];
} __attribute__((__packed__)) arp_header_t;
typedef struct {
unsigned char ip_v_hl;
unsigned char ip_tos;
unsigned short ip_len;
unsigned short ip_id;
unsigned short ip_off;
unsigned char ip_ttl;
unsigned char ip_p;
unsigned short ip_sum;
unsigned char ip_src[4];
unsigned char ip_dst[4];
} __attribute__((__packed__)) ip_header_t;
typedef struct {
unsigned char dest_mac[6];
unsigned char src_mac[6];
unsigned short proto_mac;
unsigned short packet_length;
ip_header_t iphdr;
} __attribute__((__packed__)) transmit_header_t;
typedef struct {
unsigned short src_port;
unsigned short dst_port;
unsigned short udp_len;
unsigned short udp_cksum;
} __attribute__((__packed__)) udp_header_t;
typedef struct {
unsigned short opcode;
unsigned short block_num;
unsigned char data[512];
} __attribute__((__packed__)) tftp_header_t;
// Preswap bytes
#define TFTP_RRQ_OPCODE 0x0100
#define TFTP_WRQ_OPCODE 0x0200
#define TFTP_DATA_OPCODE 0x0300
#define TFTP_ACK_OPCODE 0x0400
#define TFTP_ERROR_OPCODE 0x0500
/* MII registers definition */
#define MII_STS_REG 0x01
#define MII_STS_LINK_STAT 0x04
#if defined(BOOT_KB920X) || defined(BOOT_CENTIPAD)
#define MII_STS2_REG 0x11
#define MII_STS2_LINK 0x400
#define MII_STS2_100TX 0x4000
#define MII_STS2_FDX 0x200
#define MII_SPEC_STS_REG 0x11
#define MII_SSTS_100FDX 0x8000
#define MII_SSTS_100HDX 0x4000
#define MII_SSTS_10FDX 0x2000
#define MII_SSTS_10HDX 0x1000
extern unsigned char localMACAddr[6];
extern unsigned localMAClow, localMAChigh;
extern unsigned localMACSet;
#define EMAC_Init()
#endif /* _EMAC_H_ */