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This image is intended to be programmed into boot EEPROM. The image is nearly
0x4000 so it will not fit in KB9200's 0x2000. It is intended for KB9201 or
later. Alternatively, the KB9200 can be upgraded with larger EEPROM.
It performs basic functions prior to executing an image at a
specified address. The pre-boot functions can be modified and saved back into
The MAC address is set with by default. This is an invalid address
and must be changed to a valid value in order to use the ethernet interface.
Memory usage:
EEPROM = 0x4000
run stack = 0x21800000
variables = 0x21200000
ethernet = 0x21000000 (buffers and descriptors)
Functions supported:
c - copy
d - display auto command table (in RAM)
e - execute image
? - help
ip - set local ip
m - set mac
server_ip - set server ip
s - set auto command entry
t - create linux boot tag list
tftp - download image via tftp
w - update auto command table
x - download image via xmodem