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ZLib 1.2.2
Original distribution from
Vendor files removed from distribution before import:
INDEX configure qnx/
Makefile contrib/ win32/ msdos/
amiga/ old/
as400/ projects/
Vendor files imported:
ChangeLog example.c minigzip.c
FAQ gzio.c trees.c
README infback.c trees.h
adler32.c inffast.c uncompr.c
algorithm.txt inffast.h zconf.h
compress.c inffixed.h zlib.3
crc32.c inflate.c zlib.h
crc32.h inflate.h zutil.c
deflate.c inftrees.c zutil.h
deflate.h inftrees.h
As of April, 2005, only the following three vendor files
had non-trivial local changes:
gzio.c minigzip.c zconf.h
Added files (not from vendor):
Makefile zopen.c FREEBSD-upgrade
To Update:
1) Unpack vendor sources into a clean directory.
2) Delete unnecessary files.
3) Import onto the vendor branch. The 1.2.2 import was done like this:
cvs -d <CVSROOT> import -ko -m "ZLib 1.2.2" src/lib/libz ZLIB v1_2_2
4) In a clean directory, check out a fresh copy of HEAD,
merging in vendor changes since the last import.
cvs -d <CVSROOT> co -jZLIB:yesterday -jZLIB src/lib/libz
5) Resolve any conflicts and commit them.
6) Update this file with any changes to the file list or update procedure.