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#ifndef _PRB_PROC_INT_H
#define _PRB_PROC_INT_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* Interfaces private to proc layer
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/syscall.h>
#include <tnf/probe.h>
#include "prb_proc.h"
* size of breakpoint instruction
#if defined(__sparc)
typedef unsigned int bptsave_t;
#elif defined(__i386) || defined(__amd64)
typedef unsigned char bptsave_t;
* memory shared between parent and child when exec'ing a child.
* child spins on "spin" member waiting for parent to set it free
typedef struct shmem_msg {
boolean_t spin;
} shmem_msg_t;
* per /proc handle state
struct prb_proc_ctl {
int procfd;
int pid;
uintptr_t bptaddr;
bptsave_t saveinstr; /* instruction that bpt replaced */
boolean_t bpt_inserted; /* is bpt inserted ? */
uintptr_t dbgaddr;
* Declarations
prb_status_t prb_status_map(int);
prb_status_t find_executable(const char *name, char *ret_path);
/* shared memory lock interfaces */
prb_status_t prb_shmem_init(volatile shmem_msg_t **);
prb_status_t prb_shmem_wait(volatile shmem_msg_t *);
prb_status_t prb_shmem_clear(volatile shmem_msg_t *);
prb_status_t prb_shmem_free(volatile shmem_msg_t *smp);
/* runs and stops the process to clear it out of system call */
prb_status_t prb_proc_prstop(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
/* break point interfaces */
prb_status_t prb_proc_tracebpt(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, boolean_t bpt);
prb_status_t prb_proc_istepbpt(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
prb_status_t prb_proc_clrbptflt(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
/* read a string from target process */
prb_status_t prb_proc_readstr(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, uintptr_t addr,
const char **outstr_pp);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _PRB_PROC_INT_H */