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* Copyright (c) 1994, by Sun Microsytems, Inc.
#ifndef _PRB_PROC_H
#define _PRB_PROC_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* Header file that gives the interfaces to the proc layer. These are the
* interfaces for "native" /proc i.e. when libtnfctl uses /proc directly
* on the target process (tnfctl_exec_open() and tnfctl_pid_open())
* Includes
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/syscall.h>
#include <sys/procfs.h>
#include <sys/errno.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <tnf/probe.h>
* Typedefs
typedef enum prb_status {
/* successful status */
/* errors */
* Status values in the range 1 to -1023 are reserved for mapping
* standard errno values.
PRB_STATUS_MINERRNO = 1, /* minimum errno value */
PRB_STATUS_MAXERRNO = 1023, /* maximum errno value */
PRB_STATUS_ALLOCFAIL, /* memory allocation failed */
PRB_STATUS_BADARG, /* bad input argument */
PRB_STATUS_BADSYNC, /* couldn't sync with rtld */
PRB_STATUS_BADLMAPSTATE /* inconsistent link map */
} prb_status_t;
typedef enum prb_syscall_op {
PRB_SYS_ALL, /* turn on all system calls */
PRB_SYS_NONE, /* clears all system calls */
PRB_SYS_ADD, /* add a system call */
PRB_SYS_DEL /* delete a system call */
} prb_syscall_op_t;
* status of /proc file descriptor
typedef struct prb_proc_state {
boolean_t ps_isstopped;
boolean_t ps_isinsys;
boolean_t ps_isrequested;
boolean_t ps_issysexit;
boolean_t ps_issysentry;
boolean_t ps_isbptfault;
long ps_syscallnum;
} prb_proc_state_t;
* Opaque /proc handle
typedef struct prb_proc_ctl prb_proc_ctl_t;
* prb_dbgaddr() has to be called with the address of DT_DEBUG before
* most other interfaces in the prb layer can be used.
void prb_dbgaddr(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, uintptr_t dbgaddr);
* loadobject iteration callback specification
* WARNING: keep this structure in sync with tnfctl_ind_obj_info_t
typedef struct prb_loadobj {
int objfd;
uintptr_t text_base;
uintptr_t data_base;
const char *objname;
} prb_loadobj_t;
typedef int prb_loadobj_f(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, const prb_loadobj_t *obj,
void *calldata);
prb_status_t prb_loadobj_iter(prb_proc_ctl_t *, prb_loadobj_f *, void *);
prb_status_t prb_mainobj_get(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, int *objfd,
uintptr_t *baseaddr);
const char *prb_status_str(prb_status_t prbstat);
pid_t prb_proc_pid_get(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
/* rtld interfaces */
prb_status_t prb_rtld_sync_if_needed(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
prb_status_t prb_rtld_stalk(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
prb_status_t prb_rtld_unstalk(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
prb_status_t prb_rtld_advance(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
/* generic /proc wrapper interfaces */
prb_status_t prb_proc_open(pid_t pid, prb_proc_ctl_t **proc_pp);
prb_status_t prb_proc_reopen(pid_t pid, prb_proc_ctl_t **proc_pp);
prb_status_t prb_proc_close(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
prb_status_t prb_proc_stop(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
prb_status_t prb_proc_wait(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, boolean_t use_sigmask,
sigset_t *oldmask);
prb_status_t prb_proc_cont(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p);
prb_status_t prb_proc_state(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p,
prb_proc_state_t *state_p);
prb_status_t prb_proc_setrlc(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, boolean_t rlc);
prb_status_t prb_proc_setklc(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, boolean_t klc);
prb_status_t prb_proc_exit(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, uint_t syscall,
prb_syscall_op_t op);
prb_status_t prb_proc_entry(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, uint_t syscall,
prb_syscall_op_t op);
prb_status_t prb_proc_read(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, uintptr_t addr,
void *buf, size_t size);
prb_status_t prb_proc_write(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, uintptr_t addr,
void *buf, size_t size);
prb_status_t prb_proc_setfork(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p, boolean_t inhfork);
prb_status_t prb_proc_get_r0_r1(prb_proc_ctl_t *proc_p,
prgreg_t *r0, prgreg_t *r1);
/* exec a child */
prb_status_t prb_child_create(const char *cmdname, char * const *cmdargs,
const char *loption, const char *libtnfprobe_path,
char * const *envp, prb_proc_ctl_t **ret_val);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _PRB_PROC_H */