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* Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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#ifndef _LIBNVPAIR_H
#define _LIBNVPAIR_H
#include <sys/nvpair.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <regex.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* All interfaces described in this file are private to Solaris, and
* are subject to change at any time and without notice. The public
* nvlist/nvpair interfaces, as documented in manpage sections 3NVPAIR,
* are all imported from <sys/nvpair.h> included above.
extern int nvpair_value_match(nvpair_t *, int, char *, char **);
extern int nvpair_value_match_regex(nvpair_t *, int, char *, regex_t *,
char **);
extern void nvlist_print(FILE *, nvlist_t *);
extern int nvlist_print_json(FILE *, nvlist_t *);
extern void dump_nvlist(nvlist_t *, int);
* Private nvlist printing interface that allows the caller some control
* over output rendering (as opposed to nvlist_print and dump_nvlist).
* Obtain an opaque nvlist_prtctl_t cookie using nvlist_prtctl_alloc
* (NULL on failure); on return the cookie is set up for default formatting
* and rendering. Quote the cookie in subsequent customisation functions and
* then pass the cookie to nvlist_prt to render the nvlist. Finally,
* use nvlist_prtctl_free to release the cookie.
* For all nvlist_lookup_xxx and nvlist_lookup_xxx_array functions
* we have a corresponding brace of functions that appoint replacement
* rendering functions:
* extern void nvlist_prtctl_xxx(nvlist_prtctl_t,
* void (*)(nvlist_prtctl_t ctl, void *private, const char *name,
* xxxtype value))
* and
* extern void nvlist_prtctl_xxx_array(nvlist_prtctl_t,
* void (*)(nvlist_prtctl_t ctl, void *private, const char *name,
* xxxtype value, uint_t count))
* where xxxtype is the C datatype corresponding to xxx, eg int8_t for "int8"
* and char * for "string". The function that is appointed to render the
* specified datatype receives as arguments the cookie, the nvlist
* member name, the value of that member (or a pointer for array function),
* and (for array rendering functions) a count of the number of elements.
typedef struct nvlist_prtctl *nvlist_prtctl_t; /* opaque */
enum nvlist_indent_mode {
NVLIST_INDENT_ABS, /* Absolute indentation */
NVLIST_INDENT_TABBED /* Indent with tabstops */
extern nvlist_prtctl_t nvlist_prtctl_alloc(void);
extern void nvlist_prtctl_free(nvlist_prtctl_t);
extern void nvlist_prt(nvlist_t *, nvlist_prtctl_t);
/* Output stream */
extern void nvlist_prtctl_setdest(nvlist_prtctl_t, FILE *);
extern FILE *nvlist_prtctl_getdest(nvlist_prtctl_t);
/* Indentation mode, start indent, indent increment; default tabbed/0/1 */
extern void nvlist_prtctl_setindent(nvlist_prtctl_t, enum nvlist_indent_mode,
int, int);
extern void nvlist_prtctl_doindent(nvlist_prtctl_t, int);
enum nvlist_prtctl_fmt {
NVLIST_FMT_MEMBER_NAME, /* name fmt; default "%s = " */
NVLIST_FMT_MEMBER_POSTAMBLE, /* after nvlist member; default "\n" */
NVLIST_FMT_BTWN_ARRAY /* between array members; default " " */
extern void nvlist_prtctl_setfmt(nvlist_prtctl_t, enum nvlist_prtctl_fmt,
const char *);
extern void nvlist_prtctl_dofmt(nvlist_prtctl_t, enum nvlist_prtctl_fmt, ...);
* Function prototypes for interfaces that appoint a new rendering function
* for single-valued nvlist members.
* A replacement function receives arguments as follows:
* nvlist_prtctl_t Print control structure; do not change preferences
* for this object from a print callback function.
* void * The function-private cookie argument registered
* when the replacement function was appointed.
* nvlist_t * The full nvlist that is being processed. The
* rendering function is called to render a single
* member (name and value passed as below) but it may
* want to reference or incorporate other aspects of
* the full nvlist.
* const char * Member name to render
* valtype Value of the member to render
* The function must return non-zero if it has rendered output for this
* member, or 0 if it wants to default to standard rendering for this
* one member.
#define NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(funcname, valtype) \
extern void funcname(nvlist_prtctl_t, \
int (*)(nvlist_prtctl_t, void *, nvlist_t *, const char *, valtype), \
void *)
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_boolean, int);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_boolean_value, boolean_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_byte, uchar_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int8, int8_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint8, uint8_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int16, int16_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint16, uint16_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int32, int32_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint32, uint32_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int64, int64_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint64, uint64_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_double, double);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_string, char *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_hrtime, hrtime_t);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_nvlist, nvlist_t *);
#undef NVLIST_PRINTCTL_SVDECL /* was just for "clarity" above */
* Function prototypes for interfaces that appoint a new rendering function
* for array-valued nvlist members.
* One additional argument is taken: uint_t for the number of array elements
* Return values as above.
#define NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(funcname, vtype) \
extern void funcname(nvlist_prtctl_t, \
int (*)(nvlist_prtctl_t, void *, nvlist_t *, const char *, vtype, uint_t), \
void *)
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_boolean_array, boolean_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_byte_array, uchar_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int8_array, int8_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint8_array, uint8_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int16_array, int16_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint16_array, uint16_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int32_array, int32_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint32_array, uint32_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_int64_array, int64_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_uint64_array, uint64_t *);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_string_array, char **);
NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL(nvlist_prtctlop_nvlist_array, nvlist_t **);
#undef NVLIST_PRINTCTL_AVDECL /* was just for "clarity" above */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _LIBNVPAIR_H */