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# This file and its contents are supplied under the terms of the
# Common Development and Distribution License ("CDDL"), version 1.0.
# You may only use this file in accordance with the terms of version
# 1.0 of the CDDL.
# A full copy of the text of the CDDL should have accompanied this
# source. A copy of the CDDL is also available via the Internet at
# Copyright 2016 Toomas Soome <>
include ../Makefile.lib
HDRS= ficllocal.h
HDRDIR= $(SRC)/common/ficl
SUBDIRS= softcore $(MACH)
all := TARGET= all
clean := TARGET= clean
clobber := TARGET= clobber
install := TARGET= install
all install: install_h $(SUBDIRS)
clean clobber: $(SUBDIRS)
install_h: $(PLATHDRDIR) $(ROOTHDRS)
check: $(CHECKHDRS)
@cd $@; pwd; $(MAKE) $(TARGET)
$(ROOTHDRDIR)/%: ./%
include $(SRC)/lib/Makefile.targ