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* Copyright 2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms.
* Copyright (c) 1983 Regents of the University of California.
* All rights reserved. The Berkeley software License Agreement
* specifies the terms and conditions for redistribution.
#include "tip.h"
extern int df02_dialer(char *, char *), df03_dialer(char *, char *);
extern int biz31f_dialer(char *, char *), biz31w_dialer(char *, char *);
extern int biz22f_dialer(char *, char *), biz22w_dialer(char *, char *);
extern int hayes_dialer(char *, char *);
extern int ven_dialer(char *, char *);
extern int v3451_dialer(char *, char *);
extern int v831_dialer(char *, char *);
extern int dn_dialer(char *, char *);
extern void df_disconnect(void), df_abort(void);
extern void biz31_disconnect(void), biz31_abort(void);
extern void biz22_disconnect(void), biz22_abort(void);
extern void hayes_disconnect(void), hayes_abort(void);
extern void ven_disconnect(void), ven_abort(void);
extern void v3451_disconnect(void), v3451_abort(void);
extern void v831_disconnect(void), v831_abort(void);
extern void dn_disconnect(void), dn_abort(void);
acu_t acutable[] = {
#if BIZ1031
"biz31f", biz31f_dialer, biz31_disconnect, biz31_abort,
"biz31w", biz31w_dialer, biz31_disconnect, biz31_abort,
#if BIZ1022
"biz22f", biz22f_dialer, biz22_disconnect, biz22_abort,
"biz22w", biz22w_dialer, biz22_disconnect, biz22_abort,
#if DF02
"df02", df02_dialer, df_disconnect, df_abort,
#if DF03
"df03", df03_dialer, df_disconnect, df_abort,
#if DN11
"dn11", dn_dialer, dn_disconnect, dn_abort,
#ifdef VENTEL
"ventel", ven_dialer, ven_disconnect, ven_abort,
#ifdef V3451
#ifndef V831
"vadic", v3451_dialer, v3451_disconnect, v3451_abort,
"v3451", v3451_dialer, v3451_disconnect, v3451_abort,
#ifdef V831
#ifndef V3451
"vadic", v831_dialer, v831_disconnect, v831_abort,
"v831", v831_dialer, v831_disconnect, v831_abort,
#ifdef HAYES
"hayes", hayes_dialer, hayes_disconnect, hayes_abort,
"at", hayes_dialer, hayes_disconnect, hayes_abort,