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* This file and its contents are supplied under the terms of the
* Common Development and Distribution License ("CDDL"), version 1.0.
* You may only use this file in accordance with the terms of version
* 1.0 of the CDDL.
* A full copy of the text of the CDDL should have accompanied this
* source. A copy of the CDDL is also available via the Internet at
* Copyright (c) 2013 by Delphix. All rights reserved.
#ifndef _MDB_GCORE_H
#define _MDB_GCORE_H
* The kernel has its own definition of exit which has a different signature
* than the user space definition. This seems to be the standard way to deal
* with this.
#define exit kern_exit
#include <sys/cpuvar.h>
#include <sys/cred_impl.h>
#include <sys/procfs.h>
#include <vm/anon.h>
#undef exit
/* mdb versions of kernel structures used for ctf read calls */
typedef struct mdb_proc {
uintptr_t p_as;
uintptr_t p_brkbase;
size_t p_brksize;
uintptr_t p_usrstack;
size_t p_stksize;
user_t p_user;
uintptr_t p_agenttp;
uintptr_t p_tlist;
uintptr_t p_zone;
uintptr_t p_ldt;
kcondvar_t p_holdlwps;
int p_lwpcnt;
uintptr_t p_lwpdir;
uint_t p_lwpdir_sz;
uintptr_t p_cred;
uint_t p_flag;
int p_zombcnt;
uintptr_t p_pidp;
pid_t p_ppid;
uintptr_t p_pgidp;
uintptr_t p_sessp;
uintptr_t p_task;
uintptr_t p_pool;
model_t p_model;
char p_wcode;
ushort_t p_ldtlimit;
uintptr_t p_exec;
uint_t p_proc_flag;
ushort_t p_pidflag;
k_sigset_t p_ignore;
k_sigset_t p_siginfo;
k_sigset_t p_sig;
k_sigset_t p_sigmask;
k_fltset_t p_fltmask;
int p_wdata;
} mdb_proc_t;
typedef struct mdb_kthread {
ushort_t t_proc_flag;
uint_t t_state;
lwpchan_t t_lwpchan;
ushort_t t_whystop;
uint8_t t_dtrace_stop;
uintptr_t t_forw;
uintptr_t t_lwp;
id_t t_tid;
short t_sysnum;
pri_t t_pri;
time_t t_start;
id_t t_cid;
uintptr_t t_cpu;
int t_bind_pset;
short t_bind_cpu;
uintptr_t t_lpl;
ushort_t t_schedflag;
ushort_t t_whatstop;
k_sigset_t t_sig;
uintptr_t t_schedctl;
k_sigset_t t_hold;
hrtime_t t_stoptime;
} mdb_kthread_t;
typedef struct mdb_seg {
uintptr_t s_base;
size_t s_size;
uintptr_t s_ops;
uintptr_t s_data;
uintptr_t s_as;
} mdb_seg_t;
typedef struct mdb_as {
uintptr_t a_proc;
} mdb_as_t;
typedef struct mdb_segvn_data {
uintptr_t vp;
uint64_t offset;
uint16_t flags;
uint8_t pageprot;
uint8_t prot;
uintptr_t amp;
struct vpage *vpage;
uint64_t anon_index;
uint8_t type;
} mdb_segvn_data_t;
typedef struct mdb_vnode {
enum vtype v_type;
uintptr_t v_data;
uintptr_t v_op;
uintptr_t v_path;
} mdb_vnode_t;
typedef struct mdb_znode {
uint64_t z_size;
} mdb_znode_t;
typedef struct mdb_tmpnode {
vattr_t tn_attr;
} mdb_tmpnode_t;
typedef struct mdb_vnodeops {
uintptr_t vnop_name;
} mdb_vnodeops_t;
typedef struct mdb_shm_data {
uintptr_t shm_sptseg;
} mdb_shm_data_t;
typedef struct mdb_watched_page {
uintptr_t wp_vaddr;
uint8_t wp_oprot;
} mdb_watched_page_t;
typedef struct mdb_pid {
pid_t pid_id;
} mdb_pid_t;
typedef struct mdb_sess {
uintptr_t s_sidp;
} mdb_sess_t;
typedef struct mdb_task {
taskid_t tk_tkid;
uintptr_t tk_proj;
} mdb_task_t;
typedef struct mdb_kproject {
projid_t kpj_id;
} mdb_kproject_t;
typedef struct mdb_zone {
zoneid_t zone_id;
uintptr_t zone_name;
} mdb_zone_t;
typedef struct mdb_sc_shared {
char sc_sigblock;
} mdb_sc_shared_t;
typedef struct mdb_klwp {
uintptr_t lwp_regs;
struct pcb lwp_pcb;
uchar_t lwp_asleep;
uchar_t lwp_cursig;
uintptr_t lwp_curinfo;
k_siginfo_t lwp_siginfo;
stack_t lwp_sigaltstack;
uintptr_t lwp_oldcontext;
short lwp_badpriv;
uintptr_t lwp_ustack;
char lwp_eosys;
} mdb_klwp_t;
typedef struct mdb_cpu {
processorid_t cpu_id;
} mdb_cpu_t;
typedef struct mdb_lpl {
lgrp_id_t lpl_lgrpid;
} mdb_lpl_t;
typedef struct mdb_sigqueue {
k_siginfo_t sq_info;
} mdb_sigqueue_t;
typedef struct mdb_pool {
poolid_t pool_id;
} mdb_pool_t;
typedef struct mdb_amp {
uintptr_t ahp;
} mdb_amp_t;
typedef struct mdb_anon_hdr {
pgcnt_t size;
uintptr_t array_chunk;
int flags;
} mdb_anon_hdr_t;
typedef struct mdb_anon {
uintptr_t an_vp;
anoff_t an_off;
} mdb_anon_t;
/* Used to construct a linked list of prmap_ts */
typedef struct prmap_node {
struct prmap_node *next;
prmap_t m;
} prmap_node_t;
/* Fields common to psinfo_t and pstatus_t */
typedef struct pcommon {
int pc_nlwp;
int pc_nzomb;
pid_t pc_pid;
pid_t pc_ppid;
pid_t pc_pgid;
pid_t pc_sid;
taskid_t pc_taskid;
projid_t pc_projid;
zoneid_t pc_zoneid;
char pc_dmodel;
} pcommon_t;
/* AVL walk callback structures */
typedef struct read_maps_cbarg {
mdb_proc_t *p;
uintptr_t brkseg;
uintptr_t stkseg;
prmap_node_t *map_head;
prmap_node_t *map_tail;
int map_len;
} read_maps_cbarg_t;
typedef struct as_segat_cbarg {
uintptr_t addr;
uintptr_t res;
} as_segat_cbarg_t;
typedef struct getwatchprot_cbarg {
uintptr_t wp_vaddr;
mdb_watched_page_t wp;
boolean_t found;
} getwatchprot_cbarg_t;
struct gcore_segops;
typedef struct gcore_seg {
mdb_seg_t *gs_seg;
void *gs_data;
struct gcore_segops *gs_ops;
} gcore_seg_t;
* These are the ISA-dependent functions that need to be
* implemented for ::gcore.
extern uintptr_t gcore_prgetstackbase(mdb_proc_t *);
extern int gcore_prfetchinstr(mdb_klwp_t *, ulong_t *);
extern int gcore_prisstep(mdb_klwp_t *);
extern void gcore_getgregs(mdb_klwp_t *, gregset_t);
extern int gcore_prgetrvals(mdb_klwp_t *, long *, long *);
#endif /* _MDB_GCORE_H */